Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Oklahoma City, OK - Day 1!

June 19, 2015 ~ As kids we never really took family vacations. We would go with my mom to my grandma's in Kentucky but dad usually wouldn't go. It wasn't a big deal when we were younger but as I got older I kind of missed the chance of having stories to talk about from family vacations. When I started dating Brandon back in high school his dad took us to Walt Disney World in Florida. This would be my very first flight and something I will never forget. Now that I am older I want mom and dad to see the United States. Dad sees a lot because he will go to rallies on his Harley but once they get to a destination they don't leave until it's time to come home and of course you see Mom traveling with us on several trips. After several Miller Lite's he must have been weak because somehow I talked him into going on vacation with Brandon, Mom and I. (I want him to go on one flight with us but I haven't talked him into that yet!) The only reason he said yes is because we would be driving so he didn't really hesitate and yes I am still shocked! (This would also cross off 2 more states that Brandon and I have never been to in our quest to see all of the United States by next year!)

So if you have vacationed with me you know I like to stop at the state signs when we cross into a state.... My dad hates pictures so I promised to make things quick and painless. Of course Brandon was going along with my dad and being a pain in the butt too as he drove past the not 1 but 2 "Welcome to Oklahoma" signs and thought if he didn't say anything it would be acceptable... um hello it's not acceptable because I told you when we left I wanted to stop by the sign! He did stop by the Visitor's Center and this was the only sign they had. (Usually at Visitor Centers they will have another "Welcome to ______" sign) and when I asked the people inside they looked at me like I had a third eye! Basically I had one chance to get our picture. 

Once we made it to Oklahoma City, OK it was time to eat! I found a Cattlemen's Steakhouse and figured it would had to be good. It was a neat older place and the bar/waiting area was upstairs.

(I did learn that this is not the same place as Cattlemen's Steakhouse in Dallas, TX. I assumed it was because it was also in the historic stockyard district but it was still good) Oh and I love blue cheese dressing on my salads (lettuce, cheese and croutons only type of salad)... I managed to get dad to eat blue cheese dressing also! (Those of you that know me also know that I am an extremely picky eater and I get it honestly from my dad!)

If you go to Oklahoma City, OK then check this place out!

After dinner it was time to head to the hotel....
Look at these two little love birds! 

Look y'all... it's a big ol' Bison! 
We got all checked into our hotel and dad couldn't believe this place. 
(I had to laugh because he's never really stayed in nice hotels before)
We were waiting on mom and dad so we could venture out and see what was around us! 
The hotel told us they would have a driver come get us to take us on a tour of the city so we could see what was around us. After waiting about 20 minutes we decided to start walking towards Bricktown which was just down from our hotel. A nice little walk!
Leave it to me to spot a windmill.... Love those things! 

 I wish we had made it a little earlier to take a tour of the American Banjo Museum...
Maybe next trip!

Taking a river walk cruise sounded like a great idea! 
Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark
2 Mickey Mantle
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Ready for our water taxi ride! 
Such a pretty sky tonight! 
So we order parts from Hunzicker Brothers for our business. Kind of cool to see their old building in Bricktown area. After searching the internet I found this from their website..... Looks like they originally started out in Bricktown and moved in 1960.

Two brothers from Indiana, Walter W. and Frederick L. Hunzicker founded Hunzicker Brothers in May of 1920. The very first sale for the company was a train carload of light bulbs. The firm was named The Hunzicker Sales Company and merchandised light bulbs and automobile specialties.
In 1924, the name was changed to Hunzicker Brothers and the inventory expanded to include wiring devices, light fixtures and appliances. The company continued to grow, new lines of electrical items were added until we became a full line stocking electrical distributor with on of the largest inventories in the southwest. In 1960, the company moved from Bricktown to 501 N. Virginia Ave.

It was getting too dark to capture pictures but it was a really neat place and I would recommend visiting if you ever get to Bricktown! Lots of live music with several eateries/bars to choose from to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and take it all in!

Time to head back to the hotel to get a little rest before our next stop tomorrow!

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