Monday, July 13, 2015

Cardinals vs. Royals - Busch Stadium 2015

June 12, 2015 ~ When our friends Greg and Jill asked if we were interested in going to the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Kansas City Royals we were excited! This was the first game we have attended for the 2015 season and it was nice being able to be with these guys (of course we missed Kinly). With our life being so on the go and flying by the seat of our britches we just don't get to see them near as often but it doesn't mean we don't still enjoy spending time with them while enjoying something we all love... St. Louis Cardinals baseball!

I will say that I certainly missed being at Busch Stadium! 
Such a fun place to be and a great place to create memories! We have a goal to try and see all of the ballparks in the United States. While this "bucket list" item doesn't have a time stamp on it we have said that we would try to take in one stadium or two each year with the Greening's. Something that is fun and being able to see the different stadiums is neat too.

I love this man! 
That's a winner y'all.... Gotta love our Cardinals!
Thank you Greg and Jill for asking us to go, providing the tickets and driving!

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