Friday, July 10, 2015

A Colorado Adventure!

June 5, 2015 ~ "Hey, y'all want to go to Montrose, CO?" When the answer was "Heck yes!" I begin planning! Brandon and I love Montrose, CO and have been out there several times seeing our buddy, Paul Lear and his wife Whitnee but if I get a chance to introduce someone new to this place then I love it!

Brandon, Derry, Lisa, Martha and I hopped a plane in Columbia, MO to start our adventure! 
The perk about leaving early is the sunrises! 
When we arrived to Dallas we figured we would get some breakfast. Lisa and I didn't want McDonald's so we went to Auntie Anne's. While standing in line I wouldn't recommend saying "I want those little wieners in a cup" because the guy in front of you will raise his eyebrow and turn around to look at you! Bahahaha! It was priceless! 

We made it to Montrose, CO! We really enjoy flying into this small yet nice airport located just a few minutes from hotels and on the main drag in Montrose. When we picked up our ride for this trip we drove by this birds nest... Nothing says "I'll protect you" like a nice tire! 

One of my favorite places to stop when we are out here... 
Just in case you didn't know they made Dic-A-Doo Cleaner...
Looks like something Cruella DeVille would drive! 
That sure is a big ol' colorful.... rooster! 
I love old trucks!
I have tried to buy one of their Montrose signs but they won't sell them yet.

 After a little junkin' (I didn't find anything I could live without this trip... I know y'all... I'm just as surprised as you are) we headed to grab a bite to eat. We decided to take them to True Grit Cafe! 

It a fun little place with good food! 
Derry and Lisa tried some of the local beers and I gotta say we liked the Colorado Boy Irish Red! This is also where Derry's new name was given.... Earl! 

Enough with all the site seeing and eatin'... we've got places to visit!
Last Dollar Road is always a cool place to check out!
As you can see it was raining... it had been raining for awhile which makes the dirt road rather interesting to travel on. If you know Brandon then this was nothing but fun!
This ol' girl was wanting to know what the heck we were doing up here!
Seriously... this was like driving on ice. The goal was to keep it out of the ditch or from dropping off the steep edge on the other side. It did become intense and a little nerve wracking at one point but thank goodness we made it safe....well until....

Brandon loves to take the road less traveled and I'm pretty sure he just about did his mother-in-law in on this trip! Yes that is Martha screaming (along with Lisa) because she hit her head on the headliner and busted a second hair clip today! (First one got busted when she hit her head on my DVD player getting in my ride at 5:15 AM!) Sorry for the bad language... that's Martha too!

She was not very happy with Brandon Gene! 
Luckily she could laugh about it but don't think she will forget about it! 

We made it to one of my favorite little towns...Ouray, CO! 
I love the little shops and the feel of this town.

One of my favorite shops here is Rocking P Ranch! They have some beautiful stuff in their store and I have purchased several pieces in past trips... I bought a really cool handmade metal angel candle holder (hangs on the wall with a beautiful tear drop glass piece that hangs down and her hands hold a round candle) and a neat metal cross. I had to have them shipped home because they wouldn't fit in my luggage... I could have easily picked out several more items to ship home but I was good... this time! LOL! 

We were going to meet our friends, Paul and Whitnee Lear for dinner at The Outlaw Restaurant. After checking out several stores we decided to wait in the car (it was cold outside) until it was time to go inside. This little guy was waiting for his owners to come back and get him and we were laughing because every time someone would walk by and look at him he would start barking and scare the daylights out of them! Hilarious! 

This place is really neat and the food is good! 
(I've not been here when they had someone playing the piano... she was really good!)
Little guy was watching his owners....
(They came outside shortly after we got set down) 

The Spry's
Martha (aka: Momma)
The Wiswall's
The Lear's

I wish the weather had been sunny and not cold and raining but overall it was a good day and I am glad Derry and Lisa got to see a place that we love. (Momma has been out here before and I am glad she got to come back!) It's always good to see Paul and Whitnee too! After dinner we headed back to Montrose to check in the hotel. 
Those of you that have traveled with me know I am a details person and those of you that haven't traveled with me just know that I am super OCD when it comes to our trips. I like to have everything on a document that has what we are doing for the day (not detailed of every thing but rather where we are laying our head down for the night and if we have reservations somewhere... the rest I am good with flying by the seat of our pants).  I have copies of e-mails with confirmations to make it easier for me to find something rather than trying to find them on my phone and I carry a folder for each trip we take that has all of this documentation in it.... Lisa was laughing at me because I have an itinerary for this short trip.

We got to our hotel and I was checking us in. They told me they had us checking in last night and that we were a no show. Um, hello... last night we were in Missouri in our own beds. After a few minutes of them checking and re-confirming that we were no-shows for last night I pulled out my folder and showed them my reservations. All of the sudden a few clicks of the keyboard and we now have rooms! (Lisa was very thankful that I had my folder and our itinerary) They told me they wouldn't charge me for the no-shows (duh) and we did have rooms. I didn't ask for a discount as I received what we purchased and luckily they had rooms. (Drives me crazy that everyone always expects discounts or something free of charge when you actually got what you should have received. Yes it was 10 minutes of craziness but we got our rooms)

Time to get some rest! Utah would be tomorrow's adventure!

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