Monday, July 13, 2015

Moab, Utah Here We Come ~ Day 1!

June 6, 2015 ~ So this morning we wake up in Montrose, Colorado but today's adventure will take us to Moab, Utah! Why Moab, Utah you might ask... Well originally Brandon and Derry were going to drive to Moab, Utah from Columbia, MO with Polaris Razors in a trailer along with some other buddies to ride in a Razor Ramble in Moab, Utah. We figured if the boys were going to go out there then I would get the girls together and spend the weekend having fun and sightseeing! (Plus Brandon and I have never been to Utah so in our big bucket list we want to see all of the United States by the year we turn 40... next year and this will get another state crossed off!)

 We stopped for a little breakfast... As you can see Martha is still not happy with Brandon aging her several years yesterday and breaking her hair clip.....Oh and then there is her cinnamon roll!

We got on the road and of course we had to stop at the Utah sign! 
(If y'all only knew how many pictures we had to take to get a good one... my goodness! LOL!)

We stopped by the visitor's center to see if there was any place we needed to stop before we got to Moab. Derry went for a little hike and we didn't expect to see these cuties! Why not have a little fun!

Hey there sugar...
Oh you want to take pictures of me?
Let me come closer to you dahling....
Oh you like action shots? Watch me run!
Oh dear, don't move away from me... I'll stop running!
I think I just got busted....
Maybe she didn't see me...
Quick...hide behind this bush....
Walter! You get your butt home and stop messing with those crazy humans!
Oh I see you. I'm a little chubby today and I don't want my picture taken...
You have to go dahling.... please come back sometime!
Wait! Please don't go! We were just having fun! 
Walter... get back here! We are going to have babies and live happily ever after! 
Now lady... get outta here! He's my man! 
Bahahaha! (Hope you enjoyed the commentary as much as I did!)
We stopped by a little town  just before getting to Moab... we saw an article in a newspaper but it was pretty ran down.
I love old cars/trucks. Such a shame they just rust away.
I saw these signs and would have loved to look around but we needed to get going. 

We made it! 

First stop in Moab was to get a bite to eat! 
I love the redish-orange rocks on our way to our first national park of this trip! 

 We were excited to check out the Arches National Park! 
It was a really nice day and not raining! 

I caught this picture as we were driving... Not to shabby! 

I have no idea what kind of flower this is but I like it! 

I can't remember all of the names of these formations.....
The Balanced Rock....
How does that rock just sit up there? You would think the winds would blow it over! Crazy!

After driving through we wanted to see the Delicate Arch..... sadly they got a lot of rain and that road was closed. This meant that if we really wanted to see it we would have to hike 1.5 miles back to it on steep terrain....
Derry said we didn't come here to shoot marbles.... Let's take a hike! 
Neat little historic piece that we passed on our hike!
Just a few cool things I noticed on our way up!

I know it's hard to see but about the top third of the picture is the top of a touring bus... that's the parking lot that we parked in and we aren't there yet! 
This is the steepest part that we had to go up and it was not fun! 
(I did this whole adventure in flip flops... now who's crazy!?!?)
So this was a cool shot but it's not something big...
I actually got down on the hillside we were walking on to make it appear huge/cool! It was as tall as your ankle bone....Ol' Creative Eye Spry! Ha!
At this point we were about 1/2 way there!
All along the way you saw stones stacked all over....
We thought we were really close....
but we weren't. This was just a chunk out of the rock.
Just a little farther to go...
We made it! 
The Wiswall's and The Spry's! 
(Momma tried the hike but turned around before it got really steep... smart lady!) 
It was a really pretty view and I am glad we hiked it (still can't believe I hiked this in flip flops) but it was lighting in the distance and we were ready to get back to our ride!
I forgot to mention... in order to get to the arch you had to walk around the formation on a pathway that was fairly narrow. (Parents were letting their little kids run all around like it was no big deal.. crazy people!) 

Stuff I saw on our way down! 
Next up was going down the really steep rock that we had to climb up! (Figured we better get going before it rained or it would be slicker than snot getting down it)
Look y'all! We found Fred Flintstone's recliner! 

We had dinner reservations so we figured we would get back a little early to check into our hotel room. When we arrived it was raining pretty good. 
We had about an hour or so before we needed to head to dinner so we figured we would see what was up the other end of Moab that we haven't traveled yet!
Let's head to dinner! 

I have heard great things about this place and figured we would check it out! It was a an old house turned into a fun little steakhouse! (When we are on vacation we try really hard not to go to chain restaurants but rather try some of the local places!)
 They had a neat little courtyard area!
This is a really neat little place and if you ever get to Moab, Utah you should check it out! 
(You will need reservations)
 I was helping several customers take photos in front of the shaggin' wagon as they were leaving... A little wine and a good picture to remember the night! 
The Ghost Bar! Yes this place is haunted and no we didn't see/hear anything!
Sorry y'all...
No food pictures as we were too dang hungry for a photo shoot! LOL! 
I can promise that we all slept great! Everyone was ready to crash after getting our bellies full! 


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