Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mother's Day "Run For Her Life" 5k - Moberly, MO

May 10, 2015 ~ Today was the Mother's Day "Run For Her Life" 5k in Moberly, MO. Roni asked me to do this race with her last year and I was excited to do it again. Alexis, Roni's daughter was not really interested in being held and rather run! (This girl doesn't sit still for anyone)

When I got to Moberly Roni needed to walk their dog, Tanna and Alexis was ready to go! Little stinker doesn't like being told "no" so she threw herself on the ground to throw a fit! My goodness those two have their hands full! 

 This is Brenda (Roni's mom), Roni and Alexis...
Little stinker wouldn't hold still long enough to take a picture with her mom and grandma! 

 Alexis with her mom and grandmas!
Gina (Josh's mom), Roni, Alexis and Brenda (Roni's mom)

 Brenda and Alexis...
Gina and Alexis...
Gina and her sister! 

We were ready to run...
Alexis was trying to figure out why all these people are here! Ha! 

I'm not going to say it was easy (first time I have ever ran with a stroller but the front wheel was messed up so I had to lean it back when we ran... certainly lots of laughs) but we got it done! 

This marked my 11th 5k of 2015
Time: 40:15

Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's out there!

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