Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Glow Run 5k - Columbia, MO

May 9, 2015 ~ "Here We Glow Again"! It's time for another fun 5k... the Glow Run! My very first 5k in 2013 was the Glow Run and from there I was hooked. It was fun and I loved all the black lights along the way keeping you entertained. (Frankly about 2 miles in I am usually bored and ready to be done)

I talked Roni into doing this one... 
Well I didn't have to beg her as she is on a mission to run 15 5k's this year too! 

We did a great job on this 5k and Roni handled me pushing her! We were surprised when my app showed that we only did 2.6 miles out of the 3.1 miles. We didn't really care (although it's nice to track our time) as we started and finished this run! 

Woo Hoo!!! 
This completed my 10th 5k! 
Time: 29.44 (2.66 miles)

Oh and look who we found.... Krissy Ellis! 
(She was supposed to run with us but luckily found us at the finish line!)

What a fun run! Great job Roni Marie!

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