Monday, July 13, 2015

Moab, Utah - Day 2!

June 7, 2015 ~ This was our last morning in Moab, Utah so we got up early and took the advice of our waitress last night for things to do before we had to head towards Grand Junction, CO to catch our plane. We started out with the La Sal Mountain Loop...

Who knew our little adventure would start with a cattle drive! 
(We ain't never seen one of these before)
Beautiful view! 
So I debated about putting this one up...
One of the things I thought was very interesting about Colorado was the Aspen trees all had stuff carved in them. (Initials, dates, cartoons, etc.) While I don't partake in this (I was always taught not to carve on trees as it will kill them) but I love looking at all the things people carve on them and always amazed at what they leave behind. It's one of the more interesting things we have seen...
Getting closer to this formation! 
(Don't have a clue what it's called) 
Very pretty country! 
We made it to Fisher Towers! 
Fisher Towers is where the Citi Bank Commercial was filmed!

It was kind of cool to see this place in real life!
We didn't get to spend a lot of time here (literally drove up to it and then had to head out) because we wanted to see Dead Horse Point before leaving.

I was so excited to find this sign...
While shopping around in Moab yesterday I saw a photograph with a Moab sign that was all stickered up. I asked the lady where this sign was as I wanted to take my own photos of it. She said it was stolen several times and they never replaced it so it was gone... Oh no it wasn't! 
(Don't tell Michele Spry something isn't there anymore... I'll do my best to find it!)
It was a really pretty drive and I wish I could have gotten out to grab several more pictures of all the rocks and landscape but sugars we had places to go! 
Dead Horse Point! 
From Dead Horse Point, 2,000 feet above a goose-neck in the Colorado River, an ever changing landscape unveils vertical cliffs and canyons carved by ice, water and wind creating a visual masterpiece. Plants and animals surviving on the edge of existence face many challenges of extreme conditions within this high desert environment. Stories of ancient hunters, resting along the cliff tops while knapping chert in preparation for the next hunt, and cowboys of the late 1800's, chasing wild mustangs onto Dead Horse Point, using the narrow neck to block off the natural corral .
These water pieces were rather interesting. We didn't have time to drive down to them but that would have been neat to see up close! 

Momma and I! 
The Spry's! 
The Wiswall's!

Here lizard, lizard, lizard....
(He wasn't into taking photos today) 
Moab, Utah was a pretty place and I am so glad we got to come out here!

Really cool clouds... or is it just a good photographer??? Ha! 
Now y'all know we had to stop by the Welcome to Colorful Colorado sign on the way back!
(If y'all only knew how many pictures it took to get a good one! Ha!) 
After Brandon tried to do his mother-in-law in on this trip these signs popped up at the perfect time! 
Martha... here's your sign! Ha!

 We made it to the airport! Sad that our little adventure was over but always feels good to get back home. The boys dropped us off and they would have another couple days to sight see. 

We went inside to get our bags checked and get our boarding passes. They showed our flight from Grand Junction, CO to Dallas, TX but didn't show our flight from Dallas, TX to Columbia, MO! Um, Houston... we might have a problem! After making them check computers and flights they couldn't find it so I got my folder out and presented them with flight information.... (Lisa was very thankful yet again to have such an organized travel agent with her) a few clicks of the keyboard we have boarding passes for all flights including Dallas, TX to Columbia, MO with free luggage too! Shew! 

So we are tired and ready to go home and who's luggage is lost... Martha's! We waited until the very end and the airport guy told her to follow him so they could track it. Seems they pulled it off the plane in Dallas, TX and never loaded it back on. It was all good and they would deliver it to us once it came in on the next flight (the next afternoon). 

All in all it was a fun and memorable trip with some great people! 
Until next time! 

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