Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tony LaRussa & I.... we meet again!

November 27, 2012 ~ Well thanks to many friends I got an e-mail that my buddy Tony LaRussa was going to be at the University Bookstore on the University of Missouri campus today signing his recent book "One Last Strike". (Tony and I are like best buds since I won his jersey in 2009 and met him on the field in Busch Stadium then recently met him backstage at the Eagles concert in Vegas and now he's in my home town! Total BFF's!)

I got there at 3:00 pm and purchased my 3 books and waited in line which was at the end of these stairs. By 4 pm they were sold out of books! They estimated there to be around 400 people so I figured it would take a while to get to where Tony was sitting. I just happened to spot Scott Schaefer & Dani Wex and slipped them in my spot in line (hey you always have to take care of your buddies and Scott takes awesome photos.... I had my trusty camera but couldn't take my own photos while talking to "the man"! Ha!)
As we waited in line (for 3 hours 15 minutes but who's counting) we looked at books! We laughed at many of the titles (boy are there some interesting titles) and the wild selection to choose from.
I found this jewel! Although I like some crazy things, talking like a "Wookiee" wasn't on my list!
Then FINALLY we made it! I was totally going to give him some grief about seeing him in Vegas...
I totally went up to him and asked if he was stalking me because 2 weeks ago we were both backstage at the Eagles concert and now he was in my hometown!
Tony said he would be back in Vegas on Thursday and I said "Well silly, I only went to Vegas to see Joe! This is where I live... in Columbia, MO!"
So then he was like "You know Joe Walsh?" and I was like "No, we just met him but we know his tour manager, Smoky".
 He kept signing....
Then he was like "Why didn't you tell Smoky I was there?"
I said "I did but you were gone somewhere else!"
 So he says "We were backstage seeing Timothy B. Schmidt. So you like baseball?" I say "I love the Cardinals... remember when I won your jersey in 2009 and came on the field to see you? It was awesome because you autographed our picture and it's in my office!" he says "I remember you wanted another player's jersey and was mad you got mine!"
I said "You know that's not true! I am proud to have your jersey and when you are inducted in the Hall of Fame my husband and I are going to be there to witness it! Oh and by the way... who was the black gentleman that was with you at the Eagles concert backstage... he looked so familiar but I couldn't place him?"
"Bob Gibson? Oh my God... seriously? You didn't know Bob Gibson?"
"How did you not know Bob Gibson?" I say "Look I've haven't seen him in person before but I knew it wasn't Lou Brock or Ozzie Smith!"
Tony was so much fun! I would have loved to pick his brain just over baseball and life in general. I am pretty sure he thought I was crazy! He said there were several other legends with him in Vegas and I missed out on a great time. Seriously Tony, you tell me now... why not in Vegas???
I hope this isn't the last time I run into him and I am pretty sure he'll remember that crazy blonde from Missouri! Thank you Scott Schaefer for taking pictures... what a hoot!
Yes, those were his World Series rings on the table where he was signing the books... Awesome!
Huge thank you to the University Bookstore for having his book signing here...
My book! Love me some Tony LaRussa because he respects his fans! I know I am just one of the crazy ones but he was awesome! Until we meet again Tony.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our 1st NFL Game ~ Chiefs vs. Broncos!

November 25, 2012 ~ We got a call from Krissy Ellis (I am working with her on a special project that y'all will know about soon enough) and she had a friend that plays for the Denver Broncos and they just happen to be playing the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. She really wanted to go since she had never been before and asked if we would go with her.... well duh! Of course we would since we have never been to a professional football game! We loaded up and headed out the door around 7:30 am!
When we arrived we paid the $27.00 general admission parking fee and went to find a parking spot. It appears that while we were looking all around Mr. Spry took us into a reserved parking lot and the lady felt sorry for us so she waved us on through. Then we get parked and an older guy in a Lexus SUV parks right next to us. Hello Door Dings! 
So after we pick up our tickets at will call we started heading to one of Krissy's friends tailgate!
So as I was getting ready to take a picture of the Chiefs Cheerleaders and a tailgater totally took me out with his cooler! Seriously! He knocked me over and it was like slow motion as I hit the ground. It was actually kind of funny and I didn't get hurt but dang he came out of no where! 
This is Krissy's friend, Zack and his woman Kristy! They were super nice people! Zack had made some excellent smoked chicken that we got to sample! Yummy! (It was about 10 am and game didn't start until 12:00 pm)
The lines were crazy long to get into the stadium but we finally made it in towards the end of the first quarter (I kept calling them innings... it's a baseball thing and I don't understand football ya know)
We had pretty good seats with the Denver Broncos fans... oh and a few wild and crazy Chiefs fans! 
We had a pretty good time! The weather was perfect! 
Once the game was over (Chiefs 9 - Broncos 17) we headed down to the field for some pictures!
They quickly rushed us out the doors after we took a few pictures. We didn't care as we were going to meet up with Krissy's friend who scored us the tickets!
We totally needed this sign! (It wasn't ours)
(Not sure who this is yet)
(Not sure who this is yet)
Joel Dreessen #81
(Not sure who this is yet)
Virgil Green #85
We were very thankful that Virgil scored us tickets for this game. Krissy knew him from working in Nevada before moving to University of Missouri! It was an awesome day to take in a professional football game! The weather was perfect, new people we met where awesome and we got to meet a few of the players!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Small Business Saturday!

November 24, 2012 ~ Many of us know that small businesses are the backbone to our economy and that many small businesses struggle to compete with larger companies to sell products or provide services to those individuals/families in our communities. We try to keep our prices low and affordable but many times we don't have multiple locations or mass quantities of products on hand to receive those huge discounts. As a small business owner we do what we can to provide quality products and service to our customers and stand behind what we do. This year as I do my holiday shopping I am going to do my best to shop locally when possible and I would encourage you to do the same. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2012 ~ We decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner today instead of on Thursday because Ashley, Greg and Jaxon headed to the lake to spend with the Adams family. (Also it makes it easier to do on the weekend since we had to work on Friday) Jaxon was being a little toot so trying to get any pictures of him this year was a miracle! He was patiently waiting to eat!

There's something pretty special about going home to mom and dad's house for a family meal! Mom always fixes the best food... Ham, turkey, homemade dressing, wilted lettuce, noodles, cauliflower & broccoli salad, rolls, green beans, macaroni and cheese and sweet tea! Man there's nothing better than momma's home cookin'!
After lunch little Mr. Cranky Pants was in a pretty good mood.... 
 So I told him to smile and take is binky out.... here's what I got!
 Snowball Fight!
"Where did it go Aunt Shell?"
Fish Face! 
Jaxon is such a little stinker!
Hey Aunt Shell, I'm drinking your sweet tea!
I'm gonna be wired! 

So after lunch Brandon went back up to work on the barn and I ran up to see Ashley's store in New Franklin, MO. Today was her 1 year anniversary and she has recently expanded her store! I am so proud of that girl as her hard work, dedication and passion is paying off! 
She now has the side next to her store and it's starting to look so cute! (Make sure to go up and see her... and if you love cobblers you call ahead and order a fresh homemade one... you won't be disappointed!) 

After a much needed nap for Jaxon we came back over for round 2 of Thanksgiving and they changed holidays... it's now Christmas at mom and dad's! Appears that Jaxon (really my sister) wanted to get the tree put up so they drug everything out! 
Jaxon enjoying a Sugar Loft cupcake.....
He's thinking that was the best dang cupcake ever!
I was in a sugar coma Aunt Shell....
Papa that cupcake was gooood!
What? We have to go home?
Yep... there's the melt down!
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!