Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rocky Mountain National Park 100th Birthday - Virtual 5k!

September 2, 2015 ~ My sister found this awesome virtual 5k online. They don't ship your finisher medals until you complete the race and we only had one shirt as Ashley's shirt was on order so we made the best of it! It's not everyday that a National Park turns 100 years old so it was pretty cool that they offered a virtual option so that people all over could celebrate!

This race was to be completed between September 1-7, 2015 and while this virtual race is over they do have other virtual races available.

This awesome group of ladies sure make walking fun! 
It may have been hot and muggy but we got it done! 

3.5 miles... stepping it up a notch! 

Awesome job ladies! Thank you Virtual Race Series for a great virtual race supporting one of our National Parks! Can't wait to get our finisher medals to hang with my race stuff!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

MU Healthcare STEP UP Challenge 2015!

September 1, 2015 ~ Kelly Williams told us about this upcoming challenge that the MU Healthcare is sponsoring and figured since the neighborhood girls were walking almost every night we should sign up for this as a team! You know me, I do love a good challenge and figured why not!

I would encourage you all to read about the MU Healthcare STEP UP Challenge at the following link and get a group of friends/family together and get signed up! It will be fun, you can win prizes and you can be proud you got your fitness on!

 The Midway Walkie Talkies are ready to crush this challenge!

Just remember......

11 weeks.... you got this!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August - A Quest To Become More Active!

August 31, 2015 ~ As I take a moment to reflect back on a journey I am reminded that you should never give up! On July 21, 2015 my sister and I did our first virtual 5k and made a pack to become more active. My cousin would be getting married in September and this would be our driving force to loose weight. Little did we know that we would inspire others to join us and the month of August would be the start of a great habit.

We all look at ourselves in the mirror and don't love what we see. We are our own worst critics and are too hard on ourselves. If you could only see yourself in someone else's eyes you would understand how important you are to others. The only real way to change these thoughts is to change our habits and form new (positive) ones. For me, walking/jogging/running as been a huge positive habit that I don't love but that I do look forward to each night. I get to enjoy the company of friends and family while they encourage me not to give up. We have been walking (sometimes jogging/running) almost every night and I can tell a huge difference.
August 1, 2015
Road Shark Run Virtual  - 5 miles
August 2, 2015
3.1 miles
August 3, 2015
Remember The Fallen Virtual 5k (Roni's Race) - 3.5 miles
August 4, 2015 
3.2 miles
 August 5, 2015 
Summer Soulmate Virtual 5k - 3.1 miles
August 6, 2015 
3.1 miles
August 7, 2015
3.1 miles
August 8, 2015
Diva Dash 5k - 3.1 miles
August 9, 2015
3.2 miles
August 11, 2015
Unplugged Virtual 13.1 miles - 
(My very first Half Marathon)
August 13, 2015 
Suck It Up Buttercup Virtual 5k - 3.1 miles
August 14, 2015
I Only Look Back To See How Far I've Come 10k - 6.2 miles 
(My very first 10k)
August 16, 2015
3.1 miles
August 17, 2015 
3.1 miles
August 18, 2015
3.1 miles
August 19, 2015 
3.1 miles
August 20, 2015
Empower & Inspire Like A Girl Virtual 5k - 3.1 miles
August 22, 2015
KC Royals Charities 5k - 3.3 miles
August 23, 2015
3.1 miles
August 24, 2015
3.1 miles
August 25, 2015
3.1 miles
August 26, 2015
Phone Home Virtual 5k - 3.1 miles
August 27, 2015
Soul Sister 7 Mile Virtual Run - 7 miles
August 29, 2015
3.3 miles
August 30, 2015
3.4 miles
August 31, 2015
3.1 miles
August 31, 2015
3.1 miles

For a total of 27 walks/runs (out of 31 days) isn't too dang bad and clocking out 103.9 miles this month is pretty amazing! If you had asked me to set a goal of 100 miles in a month I would have laughed at you. Now that this has been a consistent habit it makes me want to keep going! 

She Believed She Could So She Did Virtual 5k!

August 31, 2015 ~ So Nicole works for us and is like our adopted daughter. (She is 20 years old and we are like double her age (almost).... seriously old enough to be her parents!)  We laugh because we are all like one big family around the office and my love/hate relationship with walking/jogging/running has sparked her to start walking at nights! Which I love! She has even talked her mom into going on walks with her which I think is pretty awesome!

Nicole has been learning about these virtual races and looking at all the different virtual race medals you can sign up and earn. She has made a great effort to become more active I decided that we needed to do a virtual race together and I had the perfect medal for her to earn!
We got off work and headed to the nearest course... my sister's neighborhood! 
It was hot but Nicole did an awesome job! 

Awesome job Nicole... and you just earned your first piece of race bling! 

So proud of you for completing your very first virtual 5k....
and I have a feeling this won't be your last! 

Interested in doing this virtual 5k? 
 Then I encourage you to take a moment to visit Virtual Run World's website and see all the awesome medals you can earn! (These babies are huge!) Many of these medals are Disney inspired.. LOVE!


Soul Sister 7 Mile Virtual Run

August 27, 2015 ~ Tonight it was time to complete a 7 mile virtual run challenge. I talked my sister, Ashley and Jacki into completing this one. You know at the beginning it always seems like a great idea then about a couple miles in you wonder why in the world you signed up for 7 miles...

 Oh yeah... awesome race bling!

 We did this run/walk at Cosmo Park in Columbia, MO because Jacki and I needed to map out the course for a future run/walk. Pretty sure we know exactly which way is the easiest!
Oh and Jacki didn't push me down this time! Ha!

 I'm not going to say this was easy but it was worth it! The crazy thing is that Ashley and I used our phones (Map My Run App) and Jacki used her GPS watch... I am pretty sure she was laughing inside when her watch was a whole mile behind our phones but good ol' Michele sucked it up and ran...yes ran almost all of the extra mile with her! Now that's just down right crazy!

Point is that WE did this and we are alive to talk about it! Ha! 
Thank you ladies and it'll be a little while before we do another long run/walk! 

{insert high five here}

While this race is sold out you can view their current races here!