Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Midway Heights Fall Festival

Saturday October 8, 2011 ~ Tonight was the Midway Heights Elementary School's Fall Festival and Chili Supper! This is the biggest fundraiser our school does to earn money to offset expenses for the students/school. It was perfect weather and as a Partner in Education along with our other amazing Partner in Education (Tanya Alberty with D&H Drugstore) we agreed to let students throw whip cream pies at us to raise money for the 5th grade class to go on a field trip to St. Louis in December. I love working with Tanya and supporting our school! The 5th grade class earned almost $300 towards the $1500 needed to go on this field trip. We are proud of the 5th graders for coming up with this idea and can't wait to attend the field trip with them!

Artful Bra Event!

Wednesday October 5, 2011 ~ Tonight was the Artful Bra Event put on by Ellis Fischel Cancer Hospital. Shelly DeVore and I submitted 5 bras to this amazing event. This was held at the Tiger Hotel in downtown Columbia, MO was a lot of fun!
Nancy Fay, me, and Barb King.... I love these girls....
Heather Stewart, Sarah Dubbert and my momma.... I love these girls too.....
Barb King, Shelly DeVore, Heather Stewart and Sarah Dubbert..... Oh and I love these girls too! 
Shelly and I with 4 of our artful bras hanging on the wall behind us.....
We are such nuts! We had so much fun designing these bras and coming up with themes!
I was so glad that my momma went with me... She had a really good time and supported a great cause!
I really enjoy being with my girls! They keep things interesting and always have you laughing!
See.... lots of laughing in this picture!
A great time was had by all and there were some great bras that were on display. We were very excited to win "People's Choice" on our military theme "Support The Girls". The fabric from this bra was from our cousin, Chris Spry who was an active Marine in Afghanistan. The pins were from Shelly's husband, Gene DeVore, who is a Marine as well. We felt like this was a great way to "support" women (and really all military) that was serving our country. It was an exciting evening and I am so glad we did this... we are already planning for next year!