Friday, September 24, 2010

Scored another win!

Well I have won again! I am a fan of the Mid MO Dinning Guide on Facebook and they wanted to know "My roots are from New Orleans. We believe hurricanes should only be in a glass. I have the BIGGEST Cajun menu this side of the Mississippi. What restaurant am I?" and I guess Jazz (a Louisiana Kitchen) and won a $20 gift certificate! Thank you Zimmer Radio Group and Mid Mo Dinning Guide :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tiger Quarter Back Club Fashion Show!

Last month Brandon & I joined the Tiger Quarter Back Club. Last night was the Fashion Show featuring the coaches wives all decked out in Black and Gold! It was a lot of fun and what a great event! I went with Nancy Fay (who I just love) and we had a great time! Chuck Everitt was there (he bleeds black and gold) selling raffle tickets. I purchased 12 tickets (6 for $5) and .......
I won 3 raffle items! I won a Mary Kay spa set which included a soft bath robe, super soft (all matching) neck wrap, eye mask, socks and a carry all bag in Mary Kay pink, foot tub and pedicure set (foot soak, foot balm, and foot scrubs)! I also won a really nice blanket with Columbia embroidered on it and the last item I won was a recyclable shopping bag, emergency accident kit with a disposable camera, flashlight with extra batteries, pen and notepad, tape measure and a whistle, a small travel cooler and a Black & Gold car wash from Tiger Express! I was super excited! Go Tigers! :)

500 Ambassador Points!

Last night was our Ambassador Quarterly Meeting at the Columbia Regional Airport. At these meetings we do some official business (such as announce/welcome the new Ambassadors, talk about special events and/or trips for the Ambassadors, etc.) and then get to the fun part... recognize Ambassadors that have made it to a milestone. Michelle Mountjoy made it to her first 100 points and received a pin, Cara Christianson & Dave Griggs both made it to their 250 points and received a plaque, I made it to my official 500 points and I will receive a glass award (that is on back order), Darlene Johnson & Jolene Schultz both received 1,000 points and will have a tree dedicated in their honor.

Chuck Everitt received 3,000 points (highest in the history of the Ambassadors) and we are waiting to see if he wants a third tree planted or money donated in his honor to a charity of choice. What great milestones and I am so proud to be a part of the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors..... my goal? To have my 1,000 points during my Chair of the Ambassadors in the 2011-2012 year.

The new trend in nail color..... Shellac!

I have been hearing about this new trend in nail color and had to go check it out for my self! I called Salon Envie and asked about this nail color that stays on for weeks. It's called Shellac and it's wonderful! It's super easy, takes about an hour and the best part.... when you get up to leave you can dig through your purse! Believe me I am putting this stuff to the test and so far (Day 3) it's still as good as the moment I walked out of the salon! Pretty cool stuff and the price $20! Now pick up the phone and call Salon Envie at 573-442-5433 (located next door to Heavenly Ham) and make an appointment.... you'll be glad you did!

Maryland Ave is the new Tiger Ave!

On Friday September 17, 2010 the University of Missouri changed the name of Maryland Ave to Tiger Ave and asked the Chamber Ambassadors to be there in support. We love to support all the changes and additions of the University so we were there with our gold jackets and smiles! When they officially changed the name Truman came riding down the street in a convertible and had the new black and gold Tiger Ave sign. We all celebrated with some Tiger Stripe Ice Cream.... Did I tell you we love celebrations????  :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Velocity Fashion Show

Last night was so much fun! Fred Parry and his amazing team at Inside Columbia Magazine hosted a fashion show last night at Stephens College. The best part about this show..... all proceeds benefits the Assistance League of Mid-Missouri and Women's Network Committee, Changing The Odds! As many of you know I co-chaired this committee from July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2010 and LOVE this committee! This committee started in 1998 by Brenda Baker because of President Bill Clinton wanted to get people off welfare in 5 years. What did that mean? It meant that people who hadn't held a job in years would be re-entering the workforce and they would need help. This committee would not promise a job but rather make the process easier. Originally this committee helped women who had just gotten out of prison, stayed home to raise a family, was in a drug/alcohol treatment program or a shelter. Fast forward 12 years to today... our mission is still the same except due to the economy we are now also helping women in the general public. Women who are 20 years old to women in their 60's and some who don't have GED's to those that have PhD's. A wide variety of women but our amazing committee is always there to help! We provide 2 free seminar's each year and give them resources such as a job assessment (to figure out what they like which will help them find a job they love and could move up the career ladder), interviewing skills, resume writing, dressing for success and then we follow all this up with a fashion show from the Assistance League of Mid-Missouri. The ALMM has been a partner for many years and gives each of our participants a $25 gift certificate to use to shop in Upscale Resale for interview outfits or job related clothing. This truly is an amazing committee and I am so proud to be involved. I was asked last night to share a little bit of this history so that the crowd would understand why this fashion show was important to helping those women in our own community. Thank you Fred Parry, Anne Churchill and the amazing staff at Inside Columbia Magazine! Great job to the new co-chairs, Barb King and Christina Walker... you girls are doing amazing things with this committee! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Crews

As a little girl I spent a lot of time with my granny and grandpa Crews. I was the only grandchild for 5 years so I stayed with them while my parents worked and then would ride the bus to their house once I started school. My grandpa was a retired concrete worker and grandma never worked but stayed home. They lived right next door to our shop and the barn that we raised hogs in is where Midway Electric, Inc. is today. Granny and I would do everything together including taking walks down Henderson Road where we would pick fresh peaches from Ernie's house or walk up to the Midway Locust Grove Church to check on the garden (their garden was right next to the graveyard) or play in the creek behind their house. We would always take a ride in the country at least once a day and grandpa would always tell us the same story as we traveled (I just wish I could remember 1/2 of those stories). Granny loved little trinkets and I suppose that's where I get my obsession of trinkets or knick knacks. My grandpa wouldn't really let my grandma spend money or really enjoy life... heck she never even got her drivers license. I always told her I would take her to get her license sometime and we could go to town whenever we wanted.... she always agreed with me. She died when I was 19 years old and I just wish I had spent more time with her but Brandon and I were dating and he came first. I wouldn't change that but I wish I took more time to really enjoy what time she had on this earth. If grandpa had died first I would have made sure grandma would have known what it was like to buy a new outfit or go to a movie or to do anything she ever wanted no matter what the cost.... Yesterday was kind of a sad day and I miss my granny but I can only imagine one day I will see her again..... until then I will always remember the good laughs we shared....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My father-in-law at the Cardinals / Cubs game 9-14-2010

This is a video clip of my father-in-law, Lonnie Spry, and a guy from Arkansas playing the "Cat Fight" trivia contest at Busch Stadium during the Cardinals / Cubs game on September 14, 2010. We had tickets to the Champions Club and they came in to see if they could get anyone to play. I told them "My father-in-law would love to play!" (The stuff I get people into!) He did really good and even won! I was so proud of him. This was on TV for the pre-game show and everyone at Murry's watched (my mother-in-law, Francie, is the bartender there) and he was so embarrassed! We had a great time but wish the Cardinals had won :(

 Lonnie with Scott Mellanby Assistant Coach for the St. Louis Blues with his son Kurt.

Lonnie with Dennis Phillips, Professional Poker Champ

Monday, September 13, 2010

Our 13th Anniversary!

13 years ago today I married the love of my life! It was the most beautiful wedding with our families and friends there with us as we share our special day! I was asked "If you had the chance to do this all over again, would you?" My reply was "You bet! This was the best day of my life!" I love you Brandon Gene Spry!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandma Ruby

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the passing of Grandma Ruby. She was an amazing woman to touched the hearts of so many people. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her. I miss her caring heart, her warm heart and her unconditional love. Thank you God for giving us this woman to love us. We miss you so much. (This is what I put in the Columbia Daily Tribune on 9-11-2010).

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Our country suffered a traggic loss on this day 9 years ago. We will never forget this day and our hearts go out to the families and friends of their loved ones who were taken much too soon. I am proud to be an American, always have and always will. God Bless America.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Another picture captured!

Well I finally got a picture with past Gov. Roger Wilson! I kicked myself for not getting this picture sooner. Almost a year ago we were eating at Grumpy's and in walked Roger Wilson. I had made Grumpy a homemade cake (he was going through his cancer treatments and sweets were really good to him) and I served up a big ol' piece to Roger. Why in the world didn't I get a picture with him and the cake??? Any way we were at a ribbon cutting the other day and I told him I wanted a picture with him. He is a super nice guy and said no problem! I have added this picture along with many other pictures to my scrapbook.... I know it probably sounds crazy to you but I love meeting these great people and having my picture taken with them :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Midway Outdoor Flea Market

On August 7, 2010 we started a new business, Midway Outdoor Flea Market. It is held on our rental property here in Midway and is only open on Saturday's from 7:00 am to ???. We thought this would be a great way to make use of the property and a great way to bring people to Midway! Our first Saturday we had 13 vendors and about 400 people come through! We really enjoy getting to know the other vendors and mingle with the customers and have told several stories about the property and my grandparents (who were friends with the property owners) who also lived in Midway. Anyone that knows me knows I love to talk to people and love junkin' for old stuff. We will be open from April - November as long as the weather permits us to be open and I think next year will be even bigger! So if you aren't doing anything on Saturday's and want to see what all the buzz is about stop by and say hello! (Not each weekend is packed with vendors but we usually have a good variety and this Saturday (September 4th) should be a good one!