Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Midway Antique Mall & Flea Market - The Honey Hole!

June 1, 2015 ~ Several months ago momma and I decided that we wanted to set up a booth at an Antique Mall. We checked out a couple locations but found it was the best if we set one up at the Midway Antique Mall and Flea Market. We love junk and we love making money so why not blend the two together and have a little fun! It took a few months of being on a waiting list but we took possession of our little booth today!

We decided that our booth needed a name...
Something that would allow others to find us easier. So I went to our barn and found a piece of barn wood. I got out my paints and whipped up a sign! 

Welcome to "The Honey Hole"! 
Every booth should have a name and ours reflects good prices and a fun place to shop! 

Dad helped us hang our sign and we love it! It just kind of completes our booth! 
After a little sprucing up and moving things around this is what it looks like! 

If you get a chance to go junkin' and end up at Midway Antique Mall then be sure to go by and visit our booth! We try to move things around fairly often so come back and check things out monthly! We are located in the back area and go down the 4th isle from the left and we are the 12th booth on left!

Midway Antique Mall and Flea Market
6401 Hwy 40
Columbia, MO 65202

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