Friday, December 27, 2013

Paint The Night Away!

October 10, 2013 ~ Tracy Eichhorn (a great lady I met at Greater Missouri Leadership in 2012) invited me to come paint with her Ashland Artist Group in Ashland, MO. This event would be a fundraiser for the Ashland Artist Group Scholarship Fund that would be for seniors attending the Southern Boone School District who are pursuing a degree in art. It sounded fun and pumpkins should be easy to paint right? (The above picture was what we were going to paint....)

I arrived at the Copper Kettle in Ashland, MO and found my seat for the evening.

So things were going pretty good up to this point.... we painted the evening sky and the moon.

After this we began to paint our pumpkins and this is when things went south.... My pumpkins were looking good until I started adding the stems... then at which point I threw a fit like a little two year old! Yes, it's true... I got mad and this happened....

I totally repainted the sky to cover up my pumpkins that I destroyed! 
It's not a proud moment ... however as promised I painted them at home then posted a picture for those wonderful ladies to see! 

You see sometimes in life we just have to throw a fit, get over it but the real key is that we have to finish what we start. I don't just love this painting however I am proud that I finished it!

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