Monday, December 9, 2013

A little trip to Colorado with my momma

August 21, 2013 ~ Today I took momma on a little trip to one of our favorite spots... Montrose, CO! Brandon and one of our friends, Danny drove to Gunnison, CO to ride in a Razor Scramble with Polaris and mom and I flew to Montrose, CO from Columbia, MO! We had a blast and I was really excited to show her a state she has never been to before and a place that we really enjoy!

One of the first places we went to is Ralph Lauren's Ranch in Ridgeway, CO. (Paul and Whitnee got married in the very back of this place and I wanted to show mom where. We had to cross his property to get back to it)
 Just as we entered the property there was 3 large Mule Deer sitting on the bank. Mom couldn't believe how big these guys were and how close to us they were. It was really cool!
Mom loved the view! It was getting ready to storm so we didn't make it to the very back before the rain started and it got dark. (We didn't figure it was completely smart to be back there by yourself as two women at night or possibly pop a tire on the rough rock)
The view of the mountains as we left the property.
The next day I took momma to Telluride, CO!
I even got her on the gondola ride! (She wasn't too sure about this but she knew since she was with me that we would be riding it so she better just get on!) She didn't "love it" but she thought the view was amazing!
On the way back we saw some long horn steer.... they were so photogenic and moved where ever I moved! (I couldn't get them to smile but at least they focused on the camera)

Mom and I drove to Paul and Whitnee's new place in Delta, CO to see their new pad and on  the way I spotted these two oldies but goodies and had to stop and get a picture. I love old cars/trucks and if I had a way to bring the GMC truck back with me I just might have bought it! 

Just before we got to Paul and Whitnee's I found this honey hole of old cars. This is not a junk yard but rather a man's collection of old cars and trucks! I would have loved to spent a little time inside here getting some great photos... thinking this will be something I do on the next trip for sure!
My beautiful momma!

So Brandon and Danny had some problems with the Razor and decided to spend the day with momma and I before heading back home. Danny hadn't been to Colorado (that I know of) and we headed to Silverton, CO.
This is the train to Durango, CO. If we had more time we might have taken it just to see another part of Colorado but the guys wanted to get back so they could get home.
 We ate lunch as Handlebar's.
Of course we couldn't pass up a funnel cake for dessert! 

We headed back to Ralph Lauren's ranch to show mom the meadow where Paul and Whitnee got married.... I think he loves a challenge and with a little Toyota 4-Runner he wanted to see what she had.... mud holes... no problem!  
 We had a welcoming committee when we got there....
Hey Bernita.. how you doin' girl!
Hey Ethel... you look like you might be eatin' for two again!
Well Juanita look at that baby!
We laughed a lot! I think the cows were even laughing!
I love the Colorado Aspens and if we could grow them here I would have a bunch of them near our barn... just a little piece of a place we really enjoy! (No worries... I don't plan on moving there just visiting!)
We needed to get going as it was getting ready to storm again and the guys needed to get on the road. As we left I really wanted to get a fun picture for our upcoming anniversary. Brandon finally agreed... (I've only tried to get him to do this since our last trip to Colorado)
Just as we parked the car and jumped out near the 16 mile marker on Ralph Lauren's ranch (yes 16 mile marker is for 16 years of marriage... I am a total dork but thought it was a great idea!) it started to rain! I threw my camera on the tripod and ran over to the sign... little did I know there was actually a double rainbow just above us! How cool was that!?!
It was really pretty to see this and the best part was that we saw both ends of the rainbow!
It was amazing to see it get brighter and brighter... the colors were so vivid!
This was a picture of it in front of one of the entrances in Ralph Lauren's ranch....

As the guys were getting ready to drop us back off at the hotel mom and I decided to skip our flight the next day and ride back to Missouri with them! They hadn't gotten much sleep over the past couple days and I wanted to make sure that everyone got home safe and sound. 

Brandon drove us to Denver, CO and I drove us until Selina, KS while everyone else got some sleep.
It got a little tough before the sunrise but the best part was knowing we all made it home and we got home 30 minutes before our plane would take off from Montrose, CO! It truly was a fun trip and I was so glad to show mom around a place that we really enjoy! Maybe I can talk her into going again sometime!

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