Friday, December 27, 2013

A Baby Shower for Alexis!

October 6, 2013 ~ Today would be a very special baby shower for a good friend! Roni and Josh Spicer would soon become parents and in order to get ready for this huge life event we needed to have a baby shower! Kayla and I would be the hosts of this fun day and we worked around some dates that worked for Roni. She would have a couple of out of town guests that would be coming in town and today was the best day for all of us! (I love how plans come together and I love planning stuff! Oh and huge thank you to my momma and Kayla's little sister for helping to pull this off with us!)

We had her baby shower at The Lodge in Rothwell Park in Moberly, MO! 

We wanted to "SPRY-ize" Josh and Roni and when we got done with decorating we asked them to come up to see it before everyone else arrived. When they walked in this is what they saw.... I had taken maternity photos of them just last week to use at the baby shower and had them blown up in various sizes and placed on the wall with a removable tape (so we didn't damage the walls). 

We went with a simple country theme (which totally speaks our language) and I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out! It truly looked awesome and it spoke "It's a Girl" to anyone that was there!

All in all I think this wonderful couple was impressed and even more excited to meet this little girl! 

I loved all the pink hydrangeas!

This was my favorite table... but I love sweets! 

What I failed to do was two things... to get a picture of the hosts with Roni and a picture of all the amazing food that Kayla prepared! Oh my goodness .... she did an amazing job and I can't believe I forgot to get a picture! (Seriously Michele... old age is taking a toll on you girl) 

Roni had the motherly glow and looked beautiful! 

This was taken just before the baby shower started... 
I think little Alexis will have everything she needs from those that love her so much! 

Roni's sister, Shannon helped document all the wonderful gifts received! I'm pretty sure by the smile on Aunt Shannon's face that she can't wait to meet this wonderful little girl! 

Thank you to everyone that came today! What a great party and I am pretty sure we are all waiting patiently for December 5, 2013 when little Alexis is supposed to arrive!

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