Monday, December 9, 2013

Carl Edwards at Best Buy

August 19, 2013 ~ A good friend of ours, John Sutherland, called me and said that Carl Edwards was going to be at Best Buy in Columbia, MO and I needed to get over there if I wanted to get a couple things signed. I rushed over and got an armband and waited in the long line. It really didn't take too long but what I liked best is that Carl didn't rush anyone. He was engaging in great conversation and would gladly take pictures with people.

John had a few really cool flags that he needed to get signed.

I have a lot of respect for Carl. No matter how busy he is he still takes time for his fans. Never once has he ever been cross with me and has always done what he said he would. Thank you for being a class act and I enjoy being one of your fans... see you at the racetrack!

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