Monday, December 23, 2013

37th Annual Mid-Missouri Emmy's

October 5, 2013 ~ You know I have been pretty lucky to be involved in some wonderful things in life and this year was no exception! Of course it would be no fun if I couldn't drag my best friend, Misty McKee along with me (since my hubby doesn't do the "black tie" stuff)! As many of you know I have been honored to be able to work along side Sarah Hill, Scott Schaefer, Dani Wexelman, Chad LaFarge, Bruce Garber and John Butterill in an exciting, emotional and educational part of history. We have been working directly with veterans that are too sick/frail to travel via an Honor Flight to see their respective memorials but because of dedication, passion and giving back is in our blood we are all part of something called Virtual Veterans Tours. A wonderful partnership among friends and an amazing journey using a wonderful platform of social media called Google+ has allowed this to be possible.

 This year marked the 37th Annual Mid-America Emmy Awards

This year was truly amazing and I can't tell you how awesome it felt to have an Emmy nomination! This Emmy nomination wasn't for me but rather the lives we have positively touched throughout the various Virtual Veterans Tours and/or Hero Tours we have been a part of. It felt good to have our name in the hat and knowing this was truly a team effort to make all of this possible for our true heroes... our courageous veterans!

One of the highlights for the evening was to actual meet these two wonderful guys! I met them both on Google+ but never in real life! Bruce Garber (left) is from Boston and John Butterill (right) is from Canada and we were all so glad they made the trip! (After all... their name was also on the Emmy nomination!) What wonderful people and I hope to see them again in real life! 

I love this woman! I am so glad our paths in life have crossed and she is someone that I look up to. Her passion and dedication towards our veterans is truly amazing and I truly enjoy working with her every chance I get! 

I had a hard time figuring out what dress to wear!
(From someone that never dresses up)

My beautiful date and bestie for 21 years...
Misty McKee! 

Walking on the red carpet! 
Grabbing a quick picture in front of the screen! 

Bruce and I totally photo-bombing this fun group! 

Dani Wex and her beautiful momma Mary!

Once inside the Emmy's getting ready for dinner! 
Can't tell you how much fun it was meeting these guys! 

Besties forever! Love this girl! 

This is what they served for dinner....

and dessert! (I liked the dessert best!)

I can't tell you how hard my heart was beating when it was our turn to be up for the Community Service Emmy.... You want to win so bad but you are happy just being nominated. Sadly we didn't win but not many people can say they have had an Emmy nomination! It was a really cool experience and one I am honored to be a part of! 

Sorry this picture is really blurry but what an amazing group of people! Congratulations to everyone on the Emmy nomination and just because we didn't win doesn't mean we will stop doing what we love! After all... it's for our veterans!

One of the sponsors was Skinny Girl wines... I took the two bottles on our table home to remember this evening! Looks good with my special collection! (No I don't drink wine but love wine bottles)

We even got "Emmy Swagga" 

I truly can't even tell you how much this whole experience has meant to me. To be around some of the most talented, passionate, caring and compassionate people that we all have something in common has been wonderful! I hope 2014 brings just as much fun 'cause sugars... count me in! 

 I found this picture on the main page of the Mid-America Emmy's website... this was from 2012 when we surprised Sarah Hill by attending the event to cheer her on! (She ended up winning an Emmy for interactivity!)

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