Friday, December 27, 2013

A Phone Call I Have Been Waiting For....

October 20, 2013 ~ This afternoon around 3:00 PM I would receive a phone call that I have been waiting a few years to receive. It was Sharon Paulsell on the other end of the line and she told me that I would be going on the 25th Central Missouri Honor Flight on Tuesday October 22nd. I was so grateful for this opportunity and for the next several hours I was like a kid in a candy store with a dollar bill burning a hole in my pocket!

I can't tell you what this phone call meant to me and all the emotions that were running through my head. I was proud to be a part of this milestone flight, scared that I would do something wrong (not intentional of course), I was smiling yet tears filled my eyes. This trip would be something that would forever change me and I was excited to be among some of our greatest heroes that fought courageous battles to protect our freedom. They signed a check payable to the United States of America for up to and including their life. What an honor!

How does one sleep after getting this kind of news? This was something that was on my bucket list and I was going to be able to cross it off! Brandon knew how important to me this trip would be and was a rock star hubby allowing me to take off and be with these wonderful men and women over the next 24+ hours.

I was ready.... ready to create memories, understand a little more about this wonderful organization and the amazing leaders (Steve, Sharon and Mary Paulsell) as well as the amazing volunteers and guardians that make this trip so memorable.

Do you know a WWII and a Korean Veteran that is able to fly to see their memorial? Please visit Central Missouri Honor Flight (or Google Honor Flight in your town/area) to learn more about how they are making sure veterans are able to see their respective memorial in Washington, D.C.

(Please note: Veterans from other conflicts are welcome to apply but for now the main focus is on our WWII and Korean Veterans. When they no longer have a need to fill these two wars with our veterans that are able to fly they will begin to fill other conflict veterans. Of course they will make exceptions for those that are able to fly and are terminally ill. Veterans from other conflicts can certainly apply to be a Guardian. Please ask questions to any Honor Flight hub that you live near.... they are happy to answer any questions you may have.)

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