Monday, December 9, 2013

College Ave Mile Run

September 8, 2013 ~ As many of you know I set a goal to run 13 5k's in 2013. This wouldn't serve as one of those 5k's but rather just be a bonus run! This would take place on College Ave in Columbia, MO and would be a 1 mile run. John Anderson sponsored this event which will raise money for the Anderson Family Charitable Foundation, which provides funding for local causes such as The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.
 This would be the path we would run....

  John Anderson was a really nice guy! 

Finally crossed the finish line! 
Before I walked back to my car (which was a mile back as I parked by the start line) I had John Anderson sign my race bib. Such a nice guy and everyone else liked this idea as they jumped in a line to get their race bibs signed! 

 My final results... 10:41.3
Not the best but you know what... I gave it my all!

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