Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"My Favorite Things"

August 1, 2012 ~ Ashley Simpson is the owner of a great little shop in New Franklin, MO called "My Favorite Things"! She opened her store in November 2011 and had her sister, Sara Evans (the country music artist) do a book signing to kick things off! It's hard to believe in just a few months she will be open a year! I took my mom up to see her store and started visiting with Ashley and instantly we started talking weekly. I got hooked on their blackberry cobbler and was ordering one a week! I always enjoyed our little chats about life, family, business and other ideas for her store! She is a super sweet woman who is talented, caring and funny! She had a dream of  being a business owner and has done an amazing job! I am very proud of anyone that is able to follow their dreams and turn them into a reality!
Ashley's store is a consignment shop and most all of the things in it are made by local people/artists. She is constantly trying to move things around to highlight or showcase the items so that each time you come into the store you find something new! I have several things at her store and 100% of the items I sell goes back to charities. She has things from candles, yummy mixes for dips/breads, cards, blankets, jewelry, paintings, books, clothing and much more. She is trying to get more furniture in that has been painted on or re-purposed but as fast as she gets them in they sell! (That's a great problem to have!)
She also has the best cobblers and as I said earlier the blackberry is my favorite! They are homemade and taste so good! Well worth the drive to good ol' New Franklin, MO! Today she had a "Million Dollar" pie that I had to have a piece of and was so good! It had pineapple, mandarin oranges, sweetened condensed milk and some other stuff on a graham cracker crust.... Oh my.... yummy goodness! Perfect for a summertime dessert!
Ash has 3 adorable kiddos.... Gretchen, Ruby and Iris. They are usually at the store when I go and today Miss Iris made this for me! Those kids are so cute and the top item on their list of things to do for the day..... go swimming! They are some silly little girls!

So make time to go up to New Franklin, MO and stop by and see Ashley (Wednesday - Saturday), like her on the business Facebook page (My Favorite Things) and give her a day notice on ordering a cobbler by calling or e-mailing her at 660 848 9757 or  You won't be disappointed!

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