Monday, August 20, 2012

A cracked diamond....

Please note: Objects in picture are much smaller in person! Just sayin'

Friday August 17, 2012 ~ While I was out and about in town I decided to stop and have my ring inspected and cleaned. Something I try to do every other month as I wear my rings all the time. Upon inspection she asked me what the heck had I done to my diamond. I laughed and said "If I own something it better hold up good as I am pretty rough on anything I own!" (Brandon says I beat him in the middle of the night because he wakes up sore and stoved up like a little old man!) She said I have cracked my diamond from "6 o'clock almost up to the 3 o'clock". Really? She let me look at it under the microscope and I tried to take a few pictures through the lens. I couldn't believe I had done this and she said in her 25 years she had only seen this happen about 3 times on a round stone as they are pretty durable. She said it's common for the princess cut diamonds to crack/break as they are thin around the edges. 

Here's a little better picture of the crack as you can see it's pretty good from the "6 o'clock to the 4 o'clock and faint up to the 3 o'clock". So the next question.... what happens now? Thank goodness I purchased the POM (Peace of Mind) Insurance and it will be replaced free of charge! Shew! I have an additional policy on it however I don't want to have to use it! So ladies, take this as a warning! Go get your rings inspected often (especially if you wear them pretty much everywhere you go) and inquire about insurance! It was well worth it and not one penny comes out of my pocket!

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