Thursday, August 9, 2012

A little fender bender!

August 9, 2012 ~ Well I was on my way to have lunch with some of our awesome Greater Missouri Leadership gals when I was detoured. As I was traveling down Providence Road toward Broadway  I felt a huge bump and saw black flying all around. I was hit by a little Nissan Altima. I pulled over (I was at the part where you get in the left turn lane to turn onto Broadway) and walked over to the parking lot where he and his daughter parked. I asked him where he came from.... as in where did your car come from because you came from out of no where. He said "I am from Malaysia and I just got here today". I thought "Oh my goodness.... here we go!" So before we went much further I wanted to get his statement to see what happened in his eyes. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong as I had been in the same lane since crossing over Business Loop.  He just kept saying "I'm sorry about your car" then he really threw me for a loop.... he said "Ma'am can I have my mirror back" I had to fight back the laughter .... Of course that is your mirror wedged in between my hood and fender!

So after I called Joint Communications and dispatched them (no one was hurt but I wanted a police report) I start making small talk. Found out a few interesting things in this conversation.....

1. He just flew into Columbia Regional Airport from Malaysia and was dropped off at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
2. He had just left Enterprise and hit me within the first block.
3.His daughter told him to drive it around in a nearby parking lot to make sure he was familiar with the care before heading out on the road.
4. His GPS said to turn here. So he did.
5. He was enrolling/dropping off his daughter to MU.
6. He was leaving town on Monday.
7. He took out insurance on the car he was driving to cover damage to that car but did not take out the liability coverage to cover anyone elses car.  (Let's see how this pans out)
8. He couldn't figure out how to start the car and the police officer started it for him (push button start).
9. When he got back to Enterprise he asked for a smaller car to drive.
10. He was super nice and easy to understand. (Thank goodness!)

When he went to talk to the policeman his daughter was asking me about the locals here (that sounded funny.... the locals) and what they do. I explained that luckily she wouldn't have to drive anywhere near campus as our downtown area was vibrant and a fun atmosphere with live music at many of the bars/restaurants. I also told her there was lots of art stuff in the district and fun shops. Her eyes lit up when I talked about the bars.... Oh goodness.... this girl is gonna have fun in Columbia, MO while daddy is away!

This was my favorite part... he was worried about getting his mirror back and finally he went to take it off. I was so hard not to laugh... bless his heart! Through this whole deal I couldn't be mad. I thought this poor guy was trying to get his daughter enrolled in school and just didn't have a clue. He was so nice and kept apologizing to me. I guess as I am getting older I realize that "it" happens and we need to worry about the big stuff not the small stuff. This is a material thing that can be fixed and no one was injured in the process. I sure hope he travels safe during the rest of his time here..... and I hope to stay far far away!

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