Thursday, August 2, 2012

Goodby 35 and Hello 36!

August 2, 2012 ~ Happy Birthday to me! I had an amazing birthday today because of all the wonderful, kind and caring people I have in my life! Getting older doesn't scare me. (loosing people that mean a lot to me is what scares me) I truly feel like I'm in my 20's although I may look like I am in my late 30's, which I am totally ok with! In my older age I am comfortable with who I am and really enjoy my life! I have an amazing husband who loves me to the moon and back and we really have a lot of fun together. I have an amazing mom and dad who love me unconditionally and have taught me values and a great work ethic. I have an amazing sister, brother-in-law and nephew who are my world! Getting older has allowed us to become very close and I love it! I have family and friends who are my rock. They love me for who I am and I appreciate each one of them in my life. Thank you!

So I thought this getting older stuff was pretty easy until this morning.... I had not one, not two but three senior moments before 9:00 am! Senior moment # 1: As I am typing "Thank you" to each person that took time to wish me Happy Birthday on Facebook, I accidentally post "Happy Birthday Catherine Atkins" on Cathy's wall.... what the heck?!? Seriously Michele, it's not her birthday it's your birthday! What a dingbat! Senior moment # 2: At the Chiroprators office I am filling out a form and it says today's date. So I put 8-2-1976. Hello... it's not 1976! So I cross it out and put "2011".... seriously Michele.... It's not 2011 you dingbat... it's 2012! Oh Lord! Senior moment # 3: This is my favorite.... So for the last 2 weeks I have been driving our Jeep Wrangler (6-speed) and today I took my white car (automatic)... As I was pulling out of the parking spot at the Chiropratic office I gave my car gas and just before I rounded the corner to stop and get on the outer road of I-70 I slam the break with my left foot and just about throw myself through the windshield! My first thought... what did I hit or who hit me! Then I look down and realize my left foot is parked on the brake! I laughed so hard for the next 15 minutes.... it seriously was priceless and my face said it all I'm sure! I went to see my best friend, Misty Lynn and when I walked through her door the daycare kids all started singing me Happy Birthday! Loved it!

So my mom had to take her car to Rick Ball in Boonville, MO to have warranty work done on it. I picked her up and we went to 87 Dinner for lunch! (Figured I should spend a little quality time with the woman that gave birth to me ya know) and we had an awesome lunch!
I love this woman.... not because she's my mom but because she is truly amazing!

We decided to go to New Franklin, MO to see Ashley Simpson! Mom hasn't been up to her store, My Favorite Things for awhile so we went to visit! Ashley had stepped out for a few minutes and we walked over to the train  to check it out. Then it started to sprinkle so we headed over to sit on the porch of the store.

Mom bought me a blackberry cobbler (my favorite) from Ashley! What a nice surprise! We then headed up to the Peach Tree Farm to get some fresh peaches. They were out of peaches (another variety would be ready next week) so we got nectarines! They are so good! I took momma back to her car and headed to a ribbon cutting while she went to pick up Jaxon from daycare!
I got to spend some time with this little turkey today! He's so funny and I am trying to get him to say "Aunt Shell" although it comes out as "Shell". He throws a fit just like his Aunt Shell like when he's hungrey or when he wants something and you won't give it to him! Love that little guy!
My daddy surprised me with roses and a card today! He has never done this before and it was so sweet of him to think of me for my birthday.... I really love him in his older age..... so thoughtful!

Then tonight I got to spend some time with my awesome brother-in-law, Greg, my sister, nephew, momma and Brandon having dinner at Cracker Barrel! Ashley got me some Sugar Loft cupcakes for my birthday (which are my all time favorite)! Between the text messages, songs, videos, private messages, e-mails, phone calls and cards I can honestly say it was a great day! I am so lucky to have great people in my life that make me happy! Thank you all so much!

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