Monday, August 20, 2012

Joe Walsh Autograph!

Monday August 20, 2012 ~ We love the Eagles! We have seen them in concert 3 times and loved them so much that for our upcoming 15th wedding anniversary I purchased 2 VIP tickets to see them in Las Vegas on Novemeber 17th! We will be sitting somewhere between the 2nd & 8th row from the stage! I was so excited to tell him as it was going to be a surprise but you know me... it was killing me so I had to tell him!

 About a month ago I opened the mail and Timothy B. Schmit had sent me a personalized autographed photo and a guitar pic. I was so happy and kept my fingers crossed that the other 3 would also send me an autographed photo as well.

Well guess what.... I got to the mail box and I had an awesome surprise waiting for me.... Joe Walsh sent me an autographed picture and 2 of his guitar pics! (I apologize for it being upside down... for whatever reason my blog does this from time to time) I am so excited and now I sure hope Glenn Frey & Don Henley send me their pictures autographed too! Once I get all of them I am going to frame them for our office along with our upcoming tickets! I am one happy girl!

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