Sunday, August 5, 2012

A visit from an old friend....

August 4, 2012 ~ After working all day in the office, Brandon and I were trying to decide what to do for dinner. We look up and at our window is a yellow butterfly going crazy as if to get our attention. I grabbed my cell phone to try and take a quick picture as it was fluttering all around. I was able to capture a few pictures and this one was as vivid as I could get.

My best friend's Grandma Lou Hathman passed away July 25, 2011. Grandma Lou was really special to Misty and would religiously come to our garage sales each year. I always loved to see her and Aunt Judy Blacklock pull up to go "shopping" for their booths at a flea market. Somehow they managed to fill their cars full at our sale! She would drive over to see Misty every Thursday after getting her hair done because Misty has a daycare in her home and couldn't get out and about as often. She hadn't came to see Misty and the kids and wouldn't answer her cell phone so Misty and the kids drove to her house to check on her. She wasn't alarmed because many times she would loose her cell phone or misplace it and Misty would find it and put it back on the charger for her. When Grandma Lou suddenly passed away Misty is the one that found her.

 Misty and her 2 kids, Olivia and Mikel, were getting ready to go to town on the Monday after her funeral on Friday. A beautiful butterfly came out of no where and circled Misty then each of the kids and flew away. There were several other instances were a butterfly came to visit Misty and she couldn't help but think it was Grandma Lou. (It's kind of the same way we think of Grandma Ruby and hummingbirds)  Believe what you will, but I think random things like this happen to remind you that your loved ones are gone but never forgotten..... Thank you Grandma Lou for your surprise visit! I love and miss you too!

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