Thursday, August 23, 2012

An old farm in Midway......

August 22, 2012 ~ Brandon and I were over at our property looking at our barn and noticed Dean Rhine coming over to feed his cattle and horses. Dean rents this property directly behind our property and he came over to the fence to visit. After talking for a bit I asked him a few questions about Lewis Lane's old farm and the house. We walked over as I wanted to take a look just to see a piece of old history in Midway. I don't remember this house as a kid but mom and dad said that they have taken me over there a few times. Mr. Lane (a brother to Tenny Lane - he owned Lane's Greenhouse back in the country here in Midway) gave me a little chair that I still have at mom and dad's house.
This old house has been sitting for many years. It's sad that an older home just simply rots away when people stay away from it. Racoons have moved in and made this house their home.
It was starting to get dark when we went in the house and there is no electric to turn on. It's so sad to see a house that someone lived in be ruined by critters and yet personal items such as pictures have been left behind.

These were a couple of the out buildings that were on the property.
We then walked up to a graveyard on the property. It appears that it just might be family that was buried on this ground as there wasn't more than 5 or 6 stones total... or that you could still see. This one was hard to read.....
But the best we could read it said "Benjamin Watson B (born) May 18, 1799 D (death) May 20, 1847". That was pretty neat since I don't think I've seen a headstone that old or on property like this.
What was really interesting was a tomb just behind the headstone. We couldn't read anything on the tomb but it did have a huge piece of it missing on the far side. I had heard my Grandma & Grandpa Crews talk about the Lane's. It was nice to learn a little bit of history about this property for the hour or so we were there with Dean and I would love to go back during the daytime hours and take a note pad as I know one day that farm will be sold and the old house and outbuildings will be torn down and history from this place will forever be gone. I wish I had gotten interested in the history of Midway a lot sooner as I have seen so many structures/houses/barns being torn down and have no pictures to remember the way Midway was when I was a kid. I have tried to find a picture of the old barn that Lance Henderson had that my Grandpa Crews rented. This property where that old barn was is now the location of Midway Electric, Inc. the business we own. I hope to have another "walking history lesson" soon as I want to learn more! Until then all we have are pictures.

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