Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Solemate Virtual 5k

August 5, 2015 ~ We were ready to knock out another virtual 5k! This one is the "Summer Sole-mate Fun Run 5k/10k"! For the month of August we are doing our best to walk every day and it makes it a lot of fun when you get to do a race and earn some hardware!

The best part about us getting a little healthier is several ladies in the neighborhood join in on the fun and that makes me happy! With everyone's busy lives it's so good to get together around 7:45 PM to take our nightly walk. You never know who can come along but you know it will be fun whoever does! Tonight was a really fun night and we had three adorable babies join us! 

Another one in the books!

This year's Summer SoleMate Fun Run 5K/10K will be benefiting an organization we worked with last year and absolutely love Wounded Warrior Project. Our service men and women give so much for our country we would be honored to complete a 5K/10K to help give back to them.

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