Monday, August 17, 2015

I Only Look Back To See How Far I've Come Virtual 10k!

August 14, 2015 ~ I had ordered a couple 10k virtual race medals and I had no clue when Ashley and I would get a chance to do them. We work best when it's a spur of the moment situation... so tonight at 6:00 PM sounded perfect... Who comes up with these hair brain ideas on a Friday night anyway??

So we don't take a lot of pictures but this one wasn't that bad. (They aren't something I want to do all the time but it's a nice break from 3.1 miles each night) It was hot, humid and my sister is a mess!

See I told you she's a mess! (Wonder where she gets it??)

I love the quote on the medals... 
"I only look back to see how far I've come"

You know the journey isn't always easy and sometimes you want to give up but there is so much reward in finishing something that you start. I push myself just enough to know my limits yet I don't allow myself to take the easy road either. I feel like every walk I get to take with my sister, mom, aunt or neighborhood ladies inspires me to be better. Is walking something worthy of a medal or to post on social media... Not at all but what if by motivating or inspiring another person to get off the couch and and walk a mile turns into a daily healthy habit? Now that's worth talking about!  We all have to take baby steps and sometimes encouragement from others is exactly what we need.... Now get out there and do great things and don't forget to smile... it looks good on you!

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