Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Peter Scotten Tales" by Dan Scotten

August 26, 2015 ~ My good buddy Dan Scotten has wrote and self-published a book titled "Peter Scotten Tales". Tonight we held a book release and signing party among our Chamber of Commerce Ambassador family! As someone who has wrote and also self-published a book this is a very exciting day! I guess to have worked so extremely hard on something (which this book took Dan 4 years worth of family research to complete) and then to be able to actually hold it in your hands is an incredible feeling.

Dan's book is about his families history dating back to his ancestors originating from England. It took him nearly 4 years of traveling and research at various libraries, court houses and visits with cousins to create this wonderful 150- page book. Dan had the pleasure of visiting with a first cousin named Betty Bob who actually wrote one of the chapters about her parents, Dan's Aunt and Uncle, in his book which is very special to him.

Dan decided to write this book so others would be inspired to write a book of their own and/or spend quality time with their families learning more about their ancestry. This book was originally being written for his family however after research he wanted to expand this book to everyone as there wasn't many books about the average farmers that settled and built in the mid-west area. 

I really enjoyed listening to Dan speak to all of us about his book. He was compelled to tell others about recording their family members, especially older ones, while they are able to give details of the years past. During his research and writing Dan stumbled upon a recording that his dad had made back in 1969 telling about his childhood. Dan's father died in 1976 and had not heard his voice in over 39 years. Going back to hear to hear that recording and his dad tell his story was a piece of history he will cherish forever. (He had this recording put on a CD and gave to his son and daughter as a Christmas present one year.... what a treasure that would be to hear your grandpa's voice perhaps a man you may not have met or didn't know long)

Congratulations Dan!
Here's some pictures from last night!

Bill Markgraf and Dan Scotten!
Dan Scotten and Susan McQuilkin!
Dan signing one of his books! 
Dan Scotten and Jim Cherrington!
Dan Scotten and Chuck Everitt! 
Dan Scotten and Ann Merrifield! 
Dan Scotten and Sherry Major talking about a chapter in the book! 
Dan Scotten and Sherry Major! 
Dan Scotten and Renee Costner! 
Dan Scotten and Rollie Hausman!
Dan Scotten and Gena Patton! 
Dan Scotten and Heather Hargrove! 

Awesome job Dan!

Buddies for life! 
Thank you Dan for all you have done for Columbia including the creation of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce Ambassador program (which I am very honored to be a part of) as well as your continued support of this great community.... but thank you for your friendship! 
You are one in a million buddy!

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