Friday, August 21, 2015

Jaxon Starts Pre-K!

August 20, 2015 ~ So today this cute and adorable kiddo starts Pre-K! Gosh I can't believe he is getting so big... guess our little Jaxon isn't so little anymore and I gotta say that Aunt Shell is kind of sad! It seems like he grew up overnight and he sounds so grown up when he talks!

So last night we celebrated Jaxon's last day in daycare as he would be moved to a new building to embark on his new adventure as he enters Pre-K! My sister (and brother-in-law) are awesome cooks and had one heck of a spread of food.... and for dessert they had this chocolate cake! I don't exactly know what it is but she had me at chocolate buttercream icing! Hello sugar high! 

Jaxon got a few gifts from his mom and dad for this big accomplishment! It was so cute as he was looking at each item.... He said "Dr. Pepper! Thanks Momma!" He got excited showing his dad all of his presents too! He got several things from his daycare which were really cute too! 

 He wanted to have a painting party with his sidewalk paints so Grandma Nancy, Granny, Aunt Shell and his momma joined him for a little fun! 

Such a little cutie! 
My sister found this on Etsy and had it printed at Staples! Such a neat idea to put things that he was really into during this time of his life.... I mean he is already 47" tall and loves ribs! 

He was so proud of his backpack that he wanted me to take a picture of it on his back!

So as you can see a fun little early morning photo shoot turned into Jaxon's photo shoot! 
"Aunt Shell take a picture like this...." that boy is silly! 
"Hey Aunt Shell... let's take a picture by my drawings!"
So Jaxon didn't see me watching him. He's so grown up and certainly keeps all of us laughing. I am so glad I got to take a few pictures for this special occasion and although his momma couldn't be there because she had to be at work I sent her enough pictures as if she was there! 

The Adams boys... 
Greg, Jaxon and Fast Freddie! 

I don't really feel old however when my nieces and nephews begin a new school year it certainly takes it toll on me. With Olivia McKee in 11th grade, Mikel McKee in 2nd grade, Kinly Greening starting Kindergarten, Jaxon Adams starting Pre-K and Alexis Spicer getting ready to turn 2 it makes me wonder how these kids are growing up! I remember when they were just born and couldn't imagine what life would be like as they got older and now I can hardly imagine them little! I guess you could stay we are pretty lucky to have some very smart and very talented kids that make us proud! Not having kids of our own we do miss out on a lot of milestones but having these 5 kiddos in our lives we get to still experience a lot. Sometimes I wonder if I will regret not having kids but then again Brandon and I get to spoil these kids and send them home! Guess that's the next best thing!

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