Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meet Me On Mars - Moon Joggers Virtual Race!

August 26, 2015 ~ Now that I have started doing several virtual races (primarily 5k's) I have been introduced to Moon Joggers! I first heard about them from Jacki Swank and she tried to get me to sign up in an effort to log my miles to add to everyone that joined this group logging their miles counting towards the goal. My sister is the one that signed us up for the 2015 Phone Home Virtual 5k and eventually got me to sign up for the 2015 Meet Me On Mars!

What is Meet Me On Mars?

Moon Joggers is looking for 30,000 runners (walkers and joggers too) to join our challenge in 2015 to run to Mars!  It is a 33 million mile journey and our crew of 30,000 will commit to run (and/or walk), on average, 1000 miles each in 2015! This is a WORLDWIDE event! Connect with participants from around the globe! You can join anytime throughout the year and even back log your miles back to January 1, 2015! I would encourage you to join and you can log your miles from January 1, 2015 to current to get caught up!

They do have options to sign up for FREE and/or for a fee you will receive a t-shirt, huge race medal, decal, race bib and more!  Walking, running, jogging, biking and swimming count too!

Milestone: Logged 1st Mile!
Achievement: Welcome aboard! You are an official Moon Jogger.

Milestone: Logged 100+ Miles!
Achievement: Did you know that the distance from earth to space is about 60 miles? You ran more than that distance. Every time you look up in the sky you can remember you ran further than the clouds.

I am currently at 399 miles so my next ranking would be.....

Ranking: CADET
Milestone: Logged 500+ Miles!
Achievement: Nice achievement! 500 Miles is great! How far is that from where you live?

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