Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Very Special Bridal Shower!

July 11, 2015 ~ So my little diva cousin, Stephanie Daly is getting married in 61 days and we all know you can't get married until you have an awesome bridal shower! So I promised I would throw her one with the help of her Maid of Honor, Natalie Kleopfer.

I love party planning and anyone who knows me knows that I love doing things totally different than  traditional stuff. I put my thinking cap on and came up with an idea! When Brandon's Grandma Ruby passed away I got several of her vintage tablecloths. I really love the quality and colors of these piece of fabric from yesteryear and I thought this would be a fun idea to make her shower vintage, fun and girly! This would be her only wedding shower so we had to do it up right!

It was really pretty and I loved all the colors!
Thank you Lindsay Rentals for the small round tables and long white table cloths! 

 Now my favorite part... the sweets! 

 I ordered an Edible Arrangement for her shower to add some color and some fruit! 

I am really picky when it comes to cupcakes but Columbia Cupcake did not disappoint! 
The cupcakes were very moist and the icing was perfect! Highly recommend!

I really wanted cookies that looked like something I found on Pintrest... 
FYI... Pintrest is the devil! (Just kidding... just think of how much stuff we all find on there)
The Upper Crust certainly did not disappoint on this idea! 

My little sister made the mints! She used almond flavoring for the light pink and mint flavoring for the dark pink ones! (Normally you press the cream cheese mixture into a mold but that takes far too long so we just rolled them into balls, rolled them in sugar and smashed with a fork!) 
Thanks Ashley! 

Now all we needed was the bride-to-be .......

Stephanie and her mom, Judy Daly!
 Stephanie and her future Mother-in-Law, Linda Secrist!
Stephanie and her wedding coordinator.... yep that's me!
(I look so pale next to her!)
Stephanie and her Maid of Honor, Natalie!
Stephanie and bridesmaid, Lauren Porter!
Stephanie and bridesmaid, Jordan Huddleston!
Ashley Adams, Stephanie Daly & Me! 
I think this little diva is ready to marry her man! 
Love that smile! 

I think you can see that she had a great time and although this was only a small portion of pictures she got some great gifts! So much fun! 

One of Stephanie's bridesmaids is actually due on her wedding and will be induced a couple days before the wedding. Sadly she can't be in it but she will be an honorary bridesmaid! 

Stephanie with all 8 of her bridesmaids! 
 Stephanie and her bridesmaids, Jr. bridesmaid and flower girl! 

Stephanie's family....
Shari, Grandma Gayle, Stephanie, Judy and Susie (her dad's twin)

Justin's family....
Linda, Addison, Stephanie, Amber, Liz and Tracy!
Stephanie and her girlfriends!
Stephanie and the super cute flower girl! 

Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate a very special wedding shower for Stephanie! It's hard to believe that she is all grown up and ready to walk down the isle but I know she is one happy girl! 

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