Tuesday, August 25, 2015

KC Royals Charities 5k

August 22, 2015 ~ So my little diva cousin who lives in Kansas City, MO who is a Royals fan and is getting married next month wanted to do the KC Royals Charities 5k in Kansas City, MO... so we got signed up and rocked it!

My goal this year was to do the 5k at Kauffman Stadium and the 6k at Busch Stadium! 
Crossing off one of those on the list! 

Going to a "live" race is always exciting because you just want to get started so you can cross that finish line! Being patient is not easy for me as I hate waiting but we had about 45 minutes before the race would start so we got a chance to catch up on some upcoming wedding details! 

One of the really cool things that happened is as they were signing the National Anthem we got a fly over! So cool and a great addition to this race! 

So you have to understand these very tired faces haven't had much sleep! I was up late and got on the road at 4:45 AM and drove through a rain storm to get there and Stephanie just flew back in from Atlanta for work. We certainly didn't come here for a fashion show and certainly didn't come here to shoot marbles.... let's get to running! 

This awesome group kept us motivated and moving! If they were running with flags then we could run to keep up... those hills were not good but no one would get hurt today! 

The course took us around Arrowhead Stadium and around Kauffman Stadium before running down around the field inside and finally across the start/finish line! 

Katsup, Relish and Mustard were there cheering us on as we entered the stadium! 

Glad they incorporated running the dirt around the field into this 5k! Kind of neat being in here! 

We even made it on the big screen! Ha! 

Not too shabby! 
(Of course Stephanie was going to go work out with her trainer after this... I would be going to Corner Cafe and picking up 3 pies and homemade cinnamon rolls!) 

Good job Steph!

Thanks KC Royals Charities... next year can you add a little bling please!

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