Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Emmy's!

September 22, 2012 ~ A couple friends and I planned a surprise trip to the Mid-America Emmy's to surprise Sarah Hill! She was up for an Emmy for "Interactivity" from using Google + hangouts in the news (U_News @ 4 pm) and we wanted to be there as we all met in her hangout!

This is Chad LaFarge & Dan Weil.... Two guys I met through Sarah's hangouts!

It was so much fun being able to be there and I don't trade in my blue jeans and cowboy boots for just anyone! It was totally worth it and I thank Scott Schaefer (he also won 2 Emmy's with Sarah) for helping us coordinate all of this! 

What was really cool about this whole night is that we got to go up on stage to be there while Sarah Hill & Lindsey Tyler accepted their Emmy. Chad and Dan both were in a Google + hangout with Chee Chew who came up with the hangout idea! That was awesome! So many people joined us throughout the evening via a hangout which was really cool because it's like they were right there with us!

I couldn't be any more proud of Sarah and Scott! They have brought great stories to us about things we didn't even know existed. They have compassion and dedication to the people they come in contact with and never expect to get anything out of what they do. You all deserve each of those "Golden Ladies"! Congratulations to you and everyone else that received them!

A very special congrats to Nathan Higgins, Jenn Reeves & Stacey Woelfel who couldn't be there to accept their Emmy. It was an amazing night with some ROCK STAR people!

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