Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Family time!

September 10, 2012 ~ My cousin Jayna and I wanted to spend some time with our Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Alden so we called and told them we were going to cook lunch and play domino's with them. We loaded up Janie, Jayna's daughter, stuff to make homemade pizza and took off to Hallsville!

We had the best time cooking for them! It wasn't anything fancy but we laughed, giggled and had a great time while Aunt Carolyn played with the baby and Uncle Alden watched us as he didn't know what the heck us girls might do next!

We served up lunch and then got to playin' Mexican Train domino's! We listened to Pandora radio and got our game faces on! We played a good 4 games and then we had to get going. We hated to leave but Jayna had to go to work and I had a conference call at 3 pm I had to get.

Little Janie did awesome! She slept through the loud noise of us giggling and slamming domino's on the table! She's so sweet and just really starting to crawl around... little turkey gets around pretty good!

It was so nice just to sit down an visit with Aunt Carolyn. She's my mom's oldest sister and has a heart of gold. She would do anything for anyone and never judges what you do. She reminds me so much of Grandma Brown (my mom's mom). Thanks for a memorable day full of love and laughter!


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