Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Go Go Gadget Roller Skate!

September 17, 2012 ~ I finally got to take my ride in to be repaired (from the Malaysia guy that hit me) and as a rental I got this roller skate..... Now from riding in a big ol' bus to this little tiny thing was a big change for me. (It only has one windshield wiper, I can touch the passenger door without leaning over,  and I feel like my butt is dragging the ground) I am thankful to have this rental for the next week but I don't think this will be my next vehicle!

It was a nasty smelling little critter as it took me until Wednesday to get her smelling pretty! Between the air fresheners, perfume, and dryer sheets she was good to go! (I am crazy when it comes to cars that stink especially body odors!) As expected it was a big change to get back in my white car but I love it! I have been in many rentals (not because I am a bad driver and require rentals) but out of all of the other cars I have drove I still like mine best. My ol' girl turned 7 this month and has 93,000 miles on it I love it as much as the day I climbed in the drivers seat. For me... it's the simple things in life and I am happy with my "old" ride and not having payments for almost 4 years now!

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