Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A blast in Ridgeway & Ouray, Colorado!

August 30, 2012 ~ So the first place we headed to was Ralph Lauren's 17,000 acre ranch in Ridgeway, CO. (On the back side is the meadow where Paul and Whitnee got married) We drove up on another drive off his property to see a different view. Not very far into our drive we saw a bear!

It was so cool to see a bear that close to us. He was eating leaves and didn't really mind us taking pictures of him. He was maybe 100 lbs. total. We knew momma had to be close.

It was so pretty out there... 90 degrees with a nice breeze was wonderful! 

We had an adventure trying to set up the redneck tripod rather than asking people that were camping to take our picture! So much fun! 
We then headed into Ouray, CO. (I call it "Your Way".... locals didn't understand but knew I wasn't from their neck of the woods!) Ouray is known as "The Switzerland of America" and was full of great little shops and places to eat! (When we came out 2 years ago we stayed down the street from Paul and Whitnee's bed and breakfast. They have hot springs here!)
Since it started raining we decided to go take a mine tour. We headed to the Bachelor Syracuse Mine that was known for having silver in it. We only got to go 1,500 ft inside but next year they will take you 3,000+ feet deep inside. It was interesting to see what people did before the fancy technology we have today.
We then took a little hike up Box Canyon Falls. It was so pretty up top! (After we caught our breath we took a picture... we were happy because it was all down hill! Ha!)
Paul and Whitnee were laughing because the ol' Missourian's (who were out of shape) were able to keep up! (Mental note to self.... exercise more... eat less! Ha!)
We ate at an awesome steakhouse called The Outlaw. It's a must next time we go back out there! After dinner we headed to Delta, CO to go pick up the kiddos. Whitnee's mom, Cricket, watches them on Thursday's so it was perfect to have a day to relax and un-wind!


  1. Ouray, one of our most favorite towns in Colorado. We've been there several times (pre-blog days)

  2. I love that town! Really like the hot springs and the feel of the whole town! One of my favorites! :)