Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Heading home....

September 2, 2012 ~ Well the time has come for us to head back to Columbia, MO. We wanted to spend a little more time with Paul, Whitnee, Damon, Elaine & Connor before we left at 11:25 am so we decided to have brunch!
We went to a great little place in Montrose called Camp Robber. They served different breakfast style breads and had some of the best pancakes I've ever tasted. (Ok not better than Grandma Ruby's but 2nd best) Connor wanted to come back to Missouri with us and if it hadn't been for school he probably would have! (Paul's mom, Becky, was heading out next week so she would have brought him back)
We said our goodbyes and headed to the airport. Little did we know that our flight would not leave until 12:30 pm instead of the 11:25 am original time!

(Ok here goes another picture I can't get spun around as my blog is acting up again!) While waiting in the gate for our delayed plane to show up I met a sweet man. His name is Mack Jacobs from Texas. We started making small talk and he was a WWII Veteran. He said he had 5 brothers and they all went to war and all came home alive which was something very rare. I asked him if he had been to see his memorial in Washington, DC and he said no. He had lived it and didn't want to re-live it. He was up in Montrose to attend his grandson's wedding. They had four generations together yesterday and this would be his last flight. He was talking about how much things have changed as it had been 30 years since he had last flown. He said that he was in the construction business and in the 1980's when it dried up he headed to Paducha, Kentucky and bought and worked on a coal mine. He then built a Safeway store in Delta, CO about 30 years ago. It was really neat talking to him and you could tell he had so much history I would have listened to him for days! Super sweet man and his son stayed close to him making sure he was ok and steady. It was so nice to see him being taken care of the way a daddy should by his children!

Once we got to Dallas/Fort Worth we wouldn't catch our plane until 7:00 pm. That's a whole lot of people watching in a huge airport! We finally made it home around 11:30 pm.... Thank goodness for Monday off to sleep in a little! 

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