Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Black Canyon National Park

September 1, 2012 ~ We took the kids to a museum in Montrose. It was really neat seeing a lot of the older things that wasn't used anymore by the time I was born. Interesting how you remember things being told to you by your grandparents or teachers and Whitnee's kiddos have never seen (or maybe even heard of) things like a telephone booth, operator booth/switchboard for example. What will be things they remember as they get older that would be in a museum? It's sad only because history as we know it will soon be gone as we now know it. They couldn't help that they didn't know what it is because we live in a world of technology that is throughout our schools starting in Kindergarten. It was fun watching them and trying to imagine a mother and 5 kids living in a one room shed. (Makes me appreciate the things we have now but if you didn't know better you probably thought you had it pretty good... ya know!)

Once the boys got back and got showered (seriously... we don't want no stinky boys riding with us!) and headed up to Black Canyon National Park. It was our last "real" day out and about as tomorrow we would fly home.
It was really pretty too! To get to the bottom you drove on a 16 degree grade around several hair pin curves. It was neat to see this place and amazing how they built roads within this!
The kids had fun! 
We worked up an appetite so we went to The Red Barn (the name did it for me) for dinner. It was so yummy! The fresh rolls were awesome and the prime rib was good! It was nice to sit down for a good meal with them!
Loved the door decorations that were painted on!

It was another great day in Colorado! It's crazy how you wait forever for your vacation to get here and then it goes by so fast! It was worth it and I got a lot of writing done while I was here!

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