Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chemo visit...

September 21, 2012 ~ Today was my buddy Tom Trabue's 10th Chemo treatment and I decided to make a surprise visit to see him! I called his wife Kim and made arrangements and when I walked in he looked a little too comfy to be receiving chemo! (He looked great just reading a magazine!) After today he has 2 more chemo treatments and then a month of Monday-Friday radiation and then he'll be done! Woo Hoo! Tom has done an amazing job leading the Chamber Ambassadors while going through all of this as well as other things he is involved in. I am so glad he hasn't been really sick (he's had his moments)! I stick pretty close to him as we have become great friends since meeting in Leadership Columbia in 2010 (now he's like one of the girls) and I always worry about my people!

As I surprised Tom I look over and right across from Tom was Christina Walker! Another one of my friends who was diagnosed with breast cancer and was 1/2 way done with her chemo! She wasn't there for chemo today but just getting some fluids but I was so happy to see her!I met Christina through Women's Network and Changing The Odds committee. She has been a great part of so many things giving her time, talent and expertise!

Christina and Tom looked great! They are amazing people and I am glad to have them in my life. I know they both have lots of support as they go through all of this but the most important thing is they both have their spouses as a cheerleader helping them through the daily stuff.... It makes me smile to see their caring, compassionate attitudes as this is a joint venture and they are going to do everything possible to kick cancer to the curb, back up and run it over again! I want to be there for both of them on the last day of their chemo.... which is a big deal!

One of the things that saddens me was to see people who didn't have anyone with them. I realize it doesn't mean they don't have someone who cares and supports them but it makes you think. What if they are all alone going through something like this? I would hate to think someone has to be alone dealing with something like cancer. So I start thinking about what can I do to help? I am going to gather a bunch of cards and write little notes inside and when someone comes in for treatment they can have one to hopefully let them know someone is thinking of them.... just a small token that can mean so much.


  1. Just came across this post, Michelle. You are the sweetest thing. I remember this day...never excited to have my picture taken but it's a good pic for memory sake. Thanks!

    1. Sorry...one to many L's in your name. Oops!