Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A tiny miracle.... Ryleigh Elizabeth Gelnar

Kelley is a friend of mine that I met while working at Columbia Ortho Group back in 2004. Kelley & Dwaine have a 2 year old son, Ethan, and Kelley was pregnant with a second child. Right around the time they were finding out the sex of this baby Kelley's water broke. She would be confined to her home and have multiple doctors visits and at one point there was not much hope. Kelley & Dwaine remained positive and let the man upstairs be in charge. They had many friends and family that have helped with meals, cleaning house and just trying to encourage them as much as possible. It was a up and down roller coaster ride and then on December 31, 2010 Ryleigh Elizabeth Glenar came into this world. Born at 26 weeks and weighing 2 lbs it was touch and go. She had to have chest tubes placed due to two small tears in her lungs and was placed on a ventilator turned up as far as it would go. Things were really scary. Several of us put a post out asking for everyone to pray for this little girl. The hospital bent the rules and let Kelley hold her in fear that she might not make it. After Kelley held her everything started doing great! I guess baby Ryleigh knew her mom wouldn't leave her side and that she had to be super strong. On Sunday January 2, 2011 I called and talked to Kelley to ask how she was and how Ryleigh was doing. The power of prayer is amazing! She had both chest tubes removed and was on the ventilator still but only on room air! On January 3, 2011 she was off the ventilator all together! Kelley got to hold her for 30 minutes yesterday and this just reminded them both that they need each other to get through this. This little girl is a fighter.... has been from the beginning and always will be. Each day is a new story of hope and thank you all for continuing to pray for her. Miracles do happen.

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  1. Now I'm sitting here bawling like a baby. That was very beautiful. Thank you for sharing with everyone and praying for us.