Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Town!

"Yeah, where I was born, where I was raised. Where I keep all my yesterdays. Where I ran off 'cos I got mad,  An' it came to blows with my old man. Where I came back to settle down,  It's where they'll put me in the ground: This is my town" (My Town by Montgomery Gentry)

Well I wasn't born here but I've been in Midway since I was 3 years old and this will be where they put me in the ground 'cause this is my town! Midway is full of life, memories and love! It's so funny to talk to people and they think that Midway is so far away. They'll say "Oh you are all the way out there?" or "You don't have to drive all the way into town" which cracks me up because we are only 10 minutes or less from the Columbia Mall... a hop, skip and a jump!
Our shop is where my Grandma & Grandpa Crews' barn was located. (They rented the barn from Lance Henderson) As a kid we always had hogs or cows that we would raise and butcher and I spent a lot of time in that old barn. I have been looking for many years for a picture or drawing of that barn (back in the 1980's there were several college and non-college students that sat for hours and would draw this barn).

We have Boone County Firestation # 9 which is quick to respond to any need. There is something nice knowing that we have this service so close to us and that people are always there.

This is our elementary school where I attended from 1981-1988. Midway Heights Elementary School, I think, is the best elementary school! I love it so much that in 2008 we decided to become a Partner In Education with it. I love being able to give back to our community and something I am very passionate about. The teachers and staff are amazing and always go the extra mile to make sure that each child is given the best care possible.
 This is one of the 2 churches out here.... Midway Locust Grove Church. I wanted to get married at this church but they couldn't accomodate 300+ people. My Grandma & Grandpa Crews are buried here and this is where I want to be when it's my time. It's just a part of our town and where many gather on Sunday. My Grandma & Grandpa's garden was right next to this church so I spent a lot of time playing here while they worked.

This is one of my favorite little stores and it's located right here in Midway! Larry's Boots is a store I frequently visit. If you like western wear including cowboy boots then this place is a must! I love the Cruel Girl brand of shirts and have several pair of boots.... I've got my eye on a couple more pair but I am trying to be really good and not spend on things I don't really need.... which is really tough to do!
The last stop for today on our tour is a Midway tradition.... sledding on the big hill! This is a big hill at the Midway Truck Stop and for as long as I can remember all the kids gather here to sled during the winter. It's always fun to drive by and watch them go zipping down the hill and you can't help but remember when you were a kid and did the same thing! It was fun going down the hill and not so fun walking back up the hill.

Well I thought you might enjoy a small tour of "My Town" and don't be a stranger.... come see us anytime!

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