Friday, January 21, 2011

Beer Tops & Wine Corks, Oh My!

Well, I love my mother in law, Francie! She is saving me the beer tops and wine corks from her work! I have a few projects in mind and need lots of both and she has helped in a big way! (I have some awesome friends who have saved their stuff and given to me too... thanks guys!) I have to wash each of the beer tops as they had a little moisture in the bag and have a little rust on them.... and have about this many more that need to be washed!
It's fun to look at the different beer tops (since I don't drink) and come up with ideas of things to make! She is going to keep saving but I also need different / rare beer tops too! So if you have any please save them for me and I will make arrangements to get them from you.
I really love the wine corks! I can't wait to try different projects incorporating them in it. If you drink wine and don't save the corks for yourself please save them for me! I guess I don't have enough to do as I always find something new to try my hand at. I'll post of some my crafts once I figure out what I am doing! :)

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