Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Adams Photo Shoot

January 2, 2011 - A good friend of mine, Heather Stewart, went with me to my sister's house for a photo shoot. I wanted to be a part of this day making sure Ashley was comfortable and that the pictures would look the best they could be. It was a lot of fun and Heather was laughing at how silly Ashley and Greg were being!
For example..... they wanted to do belly-to-belly shots and Greg was making the craziest faces while he had his belly pushed out as far as he could. They are silly! It really was a good day and we wanted to have some pictures for her upcoming baby shower. (She wanted to get them done because she is starting to swell and retain fluids since she is in the OR all day on her feet). I can't believe that she only has about 7 weeks to go and my nephew will be here! Time flies when you're having fun!  :)

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