Friday, January 7, 2011

Half Moon

This is our horse Half Moon! I went up to check on her yesterday and she was resting. When Brandon's mom moved from their farm in Fulton, MO we got a horse! (Long story but basically in a nutshell... Marty & Stan had 3 horses. Steel, Half Moon and Hondo. Hondo died of old age. Steel was Half Moon's mom and someone shot her on their 200+ acres and they were afraid they would come back to shoot Half Moon. So we loaded her up and brought her to Midway!) We have had her since 2000 and best we can figure she is about 30 years old and she has arthritis in her knees really bad. We don't ride her and we just let her do whatever she wants to do. We had 2 other horses we bought just to keep her company but recently sold them because we have moved her to our 25 acres and there is 4 other horses with her. She is so calm and mellow and really laid back. I messed with her for about 30 minutes and got some really good pictures of her (can you tell I love my new camera!)

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