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Quilts of Valor - Columbia, MO

December 6, 2015 ~ Today was a very special day because 14 amazing, dedicated and very well deserved veterans would receive a very special gift from some wonderful women here in Columbia, MO called the Patriot Piecers. Today these veterans would receive a Quilt of Valor.

The Patriot Piecers were formed in March 2013 and with 3 devoted quilters they now have nearly 20 members! Since their inception they have given over 120 Quilts of Valor to our veterans! This wonderful group of ladies meet every month on the 2nd Thursday at the American Legion Post 202 (3669 Legion Lane) here in Columbia, MO to laugh, talk about life, veterans and quilts. This group is a little different because the quilts they make are given away free of charge. You see, these quilts are given to veterans that have served our military in active war and have already paid a price far greater than the price tag on a quilt. They have written a blank check to the United States for up to and including their life. These quilts take many hours and the unique patterns take lots of material. The material used on these quilts are not anything less than top quality because frankly anything less isn't good enough for the veterans - per the Patriot Piecers. Each quilt is designed with each veteran and branch of service they served in mind. When a veteran receives a quilt they know that it was sewn with love, prayers and pride. To these women this is the least they can do to give back to these heroic men and women that have fought to protect our country and our freedom. These quilts are known as Quilts of Valor. 

Jan Hobbs is the group's leader and does a fantastic job of bringing this National Organization to us locally. She is also the one that receives the nomination forms and places the beautiful name plates on the back of each quilt. 

The flags lined the sidewalk to welcome today's special guests and their families!
We even had cake to celebrate these wonderful men as well as many homemade cookies!
 What a wonderful crowd here to celebrate these veterans receiving their Quilts of Valor!
The presentation got started at 2:00 PM

The quilt presentation begins.....
Ferrill P. WWII - Marine Corps, Lieutenant Colonel
His quilt is titled: Fly Like An Eagle
(This is a very special veteran who you will hear more about in the near future. Stay tuned!)
Harold M. WWII - US Navy Submarine Service, Quartermaster 3rd Class
His quilt is titled: Dive! Dive! 

Kenneth W. Vietnam - US Navy, 3rd Class Petty Officer
His quilt is titled: Full Speed Ahead
John B. Vietnam - US Army, Sergeant
His quilt is titled: Honor To Serve
 Milford S. Vietnam - US Navy
His quilt is titled: A True Patriot

Gary E. Vietnam - US Army, Specialist 4
His quilt is titled: American Hero

Donald B. Vietnam - Air Force, E-4
His quilt is titled: Carried A Heavy Load

Donald Y. Vietnam - Marine Corps, Lance Cpl
His quilt is titled: Answered The Call
Kim W. Vietnam - US Army, Specialist 4
His quilt is titled: Star of Courage

Karl S. Vietnam - Army/Reserves, Sergeant Major
His quilt is titled: Support and Defend
(Yes this is my Uncle Karl!)

Jay J. US Air Force, Staff Sergeant
His quilt is titled: Let Freedom Ring

Jason J. Navy, Fireman
His quilt is titled: Full Speed Ahead

Christopher S. Iraqi Freedom - Marine Corps, Sergeant
His quilt is titled: Semper Fi
(Yes, this is my cousin Chris!) 

Joe C. US Army, Specialist 4
His quilt is titled: Army Strong
(He was unable to attend and they will get his quilt to him very soon)

These are many of the Patriot Piecers! 

Front Row (left to right): 
Bonnie Licklider, Margaret Fine, Sandra Moritz, Barbara Nichols, Cindy Green and Jan Hobbs. 
Back Row (left to right): 
Mary Anne Whitehead, Lorna Miller, Terri Crane, Sharon Lawler, Connie Love, Cherre Bybee and Mildred Hobson

What I loved was seeing the veterans interact with one another. These two World War II veterans were visiting the moment they sat down next to each other! If my memory serves me correctly when Ferrill was shot down and waiting in the ocean for the Navy Destroyer to pick him up Harold was in a submarine in the same spot! Talk about a small world! 

Paul Hobbs even got in on the conversation!

These two talked for a good 15-20 minutes! Ferrill needed to head home for dinner but I think you can see these two really enjoyed visiting with each other! 

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Ferrill's daughter, Gayla and son, Gary! 
Wonderful people and I am so happy they were able to be here today! 

This is Donnie and CeCe... I was Donnie's guardian on a past Central Missouri Honor Flight and had no clue he would be receiving a quilt today! 

I am so proud of each veteran that received a Quilt of Valor today. What an honor and such a great way to show appreciation to these men and women that sacrifice so much to protect our country. I can't imagine what they have been through but I hope they felt the love and support of so many people including many they have never met until today. I gotta say that I am especially proud of these two Spry boys! It doesn't get said enough but I thank you for your service and I am honored to be in your family! 

What a wonderful and amazing day! To be able to witness a Quilt of Valor presentation as well as learn about this program as I didn't even know it existed! Thank you to the talented women who work so hard to create these beautiful quilts and what they stand for. Thank you to the families that stand behind your veterans giving them love and support while they are away serving the call of duty but most importantly thank you to our veterans. While you may have been drafted or perhaps enlisted when our country needed you I just want you to know your service is not forgotten. I know many of our Vietnam veterans certainly didn't receive the Welcome Home that you should have and while I can't change the past I would hope we can change the future. In my eyes and in the eyes of so many you are a true American Hero.... THANK YOU!

The Patriot Piecers is part of the Quilts of Valor organization which is a 501c3. While they make these quilts free of charge for our veterans please know that it does take some money to purchase material. Any donation is tax deductible and any amount is helpful. I have pledged a donation to this group to show my appreciation for what they are doing. Just a small thing that makes a great impact!  

They are always looking for someone that enjoys sewing/quilting and would love to have you visit and even join their group! It takes a village to create these beautiful quilts! 

Do you know a veteran that would be deserving of a Quilt of Valor?  The application process is fairly simple and needs details of each veteran including dates of service, dates of deployment and medals/decorations. 

Interested in any of the above items please contact Jan Hobbs and she would be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have and help you with recognizing your veteran with a special Quilt of Valor! 

Jan Hobbs at

Here's a great article that VOX Magazine did on this group earlier this year!

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