Monday, December 14, 2015

Central Missouri Honor Flight - Honor Ball 2015

December 6, 2015 ~ Tonight was a wonderful night because Central Missouri Honor Flight volunteers, guardians, supporters and veterans had a reunion that is known as the Honor Ball! 630 amazing men and women filled the room at Holiday Inn Expo Center in Columbia, MO to reflect, remember and re-connect with one another and it was amazing!

Being able to re-connect with veterans from previous Central Missouri Honor Flights is so rewarding because they talk about their honor flight with so much pride! Seeing those handsome young men all dressed up with their dates/spouses for the evening is so heartwarming especially when they come across the room to give you a great big hug! I do love each of the guys/gals I have had the pleasure with traveling to our Nation's Capital to see their memorials and tonight we celebrate them! 

Central Missouri Honor Flight is such a huge family. No matter if you donate, support, volunteer or participate in an honor flight you immediately become part of their family! There is a strong bound among friends and one I am very proud of. Each person that you get to meet or interact with is a friend for life. They are passionate about veterans issues and doing whatever we can to make sure our veterans are taken care of. Truly remarkable group of dedicated people that would do anything for one another in good times and bad.

While I didn't get a lot of photos I get to take some of the photos that others took and remember this wonderful night! (Thank you ahead of time to Cindy Mutrux, Veronica Herzing, Sarah Hill and anyone else I took photos from.... y'all captured the night perfectly!)

I wish I could post all the pictures from this event as it was so much fun seeing these beautiful/handsome people all dressed up and having fun!

Oh and as promised I danced! This super sweet Korean War Veteran was on flight #26 and although I did my best I almost couldn't keep up with him!Thank you Bob for the wonderful memories!

This truly wonderful event is the only fundraiser that Central Missouri Honor Flight puts on. Throughout the year money comes in from third party fundraisers that request permission to use their logo when fundraising for them. Anyone is welcome to purchase tickets and/or sponsor a table and it certainly is a great time. They reflect on the year as well as previous flights while focusing on the future as well. If you ever attend just one Central Missouri Honor Ball you won't want to miss any future ones! Thank you to the Paulsell family (Steve, Sharon and Mary) for your leadership, passion and pride for our veterans. While there are always new additions to the Central Missouri Honor Flight family we wouldn't be able to be the well oiled machine we are today. As each year comes to an end with flights I am reminded how lucky we are to have this organization right here in Columbia, MO as well as the ability to travel with some of the most courageous American Heroes!  

I encourage you to check out the Central Missouri Honor Flight website to stay up-to-date on the latest flight information as well as anything else going on throughout the year including the year end Honor Ball! As they have said tonight.... 2 things allow us to keep flying which are veterans and money. With nearly 500 veterans on a waiting list (priority is always given to World War II veterans followed by Korean War veterans then given to Vietnam veterans) which means we need money! 

If you are looking for a deserving organization to fund-raise for then I would highly encourage you to choose Central Missouri Honor Flight! I promise your donation will be used specifically for our veterans as this is a 100% volunteer organization and no one takes a paycheck. These men and women signed a blank check payable to the United States for up to and including their life.... the least we can do is make sure they get to go on an honor flight to see their memorials!

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