Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Surprise For Jaxon!

December 5, 2015 ~ Today would be a special day because Papa had a surprise for Jaxon! This surprise is his Christmas gift from Papa and because we would be leaving next week for Walt Disney World and the weather would actually be nice outside he thought today would be the perfect day to give it to him! (Sorry for the not so good pictures.... Trying to capture every moment means I have to put my camera on a different setting and it's not good for indoor (dark) and outdoor (really bright) stuff... but you get the idea!)

His Papa had drove all the way up to Troy, MO a couple weekends ago because he found a really good deal in all of his internet searches! (I think Papa was excited for Jaxon to open it!) 
Everyone was ready to see what was hiding under the blue tarp! (Uncle B couldn't be here because he had to work but he knew about the surprise and couldn't wait to hear about it)

Check it out buddy... let's see what's under there! 
It's a 4-wheeler! 

Jaxon's first reaction was to hug his Granny....
His next reaction was to latch on to his momma! While he most certainly loves his daddy he is a huge Momma's boy. Little did we know he was crying because he was so happy. It seriously was the sweetest thing ever! As we all know Jaxon is 100% all boy but he has one of the sweetest hearts and the little things mean so much to him! 
Of course it didn't take him long to figure out this was his 4-wheeler! 
 Papa even gave him a helmet... 
I know I have to wear a helmet when I ride my 4-wheeler Aunt Shell!
(Sadly this helmet is too small so Papa will take him to get one that will fit later on) 

This is all so cool! 

Next up was time for a ride....
and here come the emotions again....
It's always important when you talk to your dad that you make eye contact... 
I think he is super excited he just doesn't know exactly how to feel about getting this surprise! Sometimes everything is just overwhelming!

He wanted to ride it with his daddy....
The whole ride he rode with his face down and just sad. We would soon learn that he wanted to ride it all by his self with no one else.... Sorry buddy but this 4-wheeler would require an adult to ride with you for quite a while! 

So exciting to watch him grow up enough to have something like this! As kids we didn't get a 4-wheeler until we moved out on our own and bought one... we got lawnmowers to ride! LOL!

Papa wanted Jaxon to know this was his but he wouldn't be able to ride it without an adult until he learned how to be safe and responsible. Although he looks like 7-8 year old his is still just 4 years old and he doesn't want him to get hurt. 

This little guy sure knows how to melt our hearts and especially his Papa! 

After another quick pep talk from dad it was time to take another ride!
Papa had to show Jaxon's momma how to start it and where the brakes were!
Then they were off! 
Now he was getting happy! 
Now it was time to take a ride with Papa....
With all this fun going on someone is upset they can't do it themselves! 
(Papa needs to work on it to try and slow it down some more) 

Sometimes you just need a little time to make sure it's not a dream and that it's really yours!
(and enjoy the rest of your biscuit)
Jaxon was showing mommy the picture that says "Two people are not supposed to ride it" and mommy said that it actually says "Two kids are not supposed to ride it just an adult and child"

One last ride with daddy before Papa starts working on it....
So much fun!

When Jaxon hopped off his 4-wheeler he grabbed the key and was going to just slip it in his pocket... He was totally busted and Papa said "Buddy you better give the key to me".... this little smile was the result as he handed the key over. So sweet and yet so cute!

Papa I think you made his Christmas!

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