Monday, December 7, 2015

Alexis Spicer Turns 2!

December 6, 2015 ~ This afternoon we celebrated Alexis' birthday! It's hard to believe this little wild thing turned 2 on December 2, 2015! She is quite the little Miss Independent girl and yet so funny to watch her tell everyone how she is going to do things! Yes, this little girl runs the show!

I got to her party a little late because I was attending the Quilts of Valor Ceremony in Columbia, MO and raced up to Huntsville, MO for her party. When I walked in she was getting a straw for her water bottle. When that one didn't do she went for another one but her momma told her that she couldn't have anymore because she was just wasting them. 

Alexis doesn't like to be told no so she turned her water bottle upside down and dumped the entire thing all over the floor! (Notice the dark spot on the carpet) Oh Binky.... your parents have their hands full with you sugar! 

Her momma and daddy went all out again this year for her birthday party! 

She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse so it was only fitting to have a Minnie Mouse themed party! 

This girl is such a little ham! 

Daddy has his hands full with these two girls! 

Next up... it was time to sing Happy Birthday! 
(She got a little embarrassed) 

Then she wanted to watch everyone sing to her! 
(Seriously this girl is a mess) 

Time to make a wish! 

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?!?!

Now it's time for presents! 

It's hard work opening so many presents! 
(Who needs Christmas gifts when you got the whole toy story for your birthday!) 

Her favorite toy was the Minnie Mouse vacuum! 
(Guess she will be great at chores when she gets older! Ha! )

All in all I think she had a pretty good birthday! 
Bottoms up... She's got this 2 year old thing down pat! 

Happy 2nd Birthday Alexis! 
Aunt Shell and Uncle B love you!

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