Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Christmas Story Virtual 5k

December 5, 2015 ~ My best friend's favorite all time movie is A Christmas Story. I took her to Hammond, Indiana last year to go junkin' and took her to see the display of A Christmas Story they do every year as this is where the author, Jean Shepard is from. You shouldn't even be remotely surprised when I found this 5k while searching for virtual 5k's! 

 The Christmas Story Run would be held in Ohio and I began booking our trip! (Yes some how I managed to convince Brandon to doing this 5k with us - still not sure how that happened) Fast forward and about 2 months before our big trip my bestie would jack her knee up requiring surgery.....
I was really bummed but then I saw they had a virtual option for this race and switched our registrations! (Misty you are so lucky! Ha!) If you are interested in this race for next year you can keep a watch on their website and Facebook page!

So today was the day we complete our virtual 5k but y'all know this 5k would be another fun one! (We managed to talk Kelly -one of the Midway Walkie Talkies - into joining us!)

Misty Lynn ROCKED the Pink Bunny Suit!
(Not sure what we are talking about... watch the video below)

I am totally cracking up!

Since we would be walking for "A Major Award" we had to have the FRA-GI-LE box! 
(Not sure what we are talking about again? Watch the video below)

Now  that sounds Italian! Ha! 

 I now present to you....
The Leg Lamp! 
(Only this one is a special leg has two legs!)

Can you even imagine seeing this hot mess walking in your neighborhood? We got many double looks, crazy stares and even a couple people wanting to know what the theme was for this one! Ha!
(Jaxon had a friend over and they got to join us until Greg got home!) 
I couldn't help but laugh every time I would see Misty's shadow! I know she was happy! 
I love this girl!

Our Christmas Story swag!

Nice job ladies! So much fun and many memories were made!

If you still don't know what we are talking about you need to watch the entire movie "A Christmas Story" to fully understand! A movie from our childhood and if you don't laugh then you aren't normal! Ha!

We should totally be in Cleveland, Ohio right now enjoying some rich chocolaty Ovaltine and going through the Christmas Story Museum! 

Dang it Misty Lynn!We will be going next year for sure!

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